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T.O. Rips Ravens in New Book

Well, if we can agree on anything, it's that T.O. is consistent...consistently ripping people in the news. This time however, the vitriol is aimed squarely at the Ravens. In his book Owens accused Baltimore GM Ozzie Newsome of "violating a personal trust," complained vehemently about not wanting to play with Kyle Boller, and promised to make the Ravens "so miserable they would never forget it." Somewhere Jeff Garcia just let out a big sigh of relief (registration/bugmenot required).

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TMQ: Football is Intellectual

This week, Gregg reminds us why it is football, not baseball, that is the most intellectual sport. Plus, lots of teams chicken out, the usual helping of sweet and sour plays, and hate mail from Patriots fans.

MMQB: Comfort Zone

Peter King's main commentary in MMQB this week is about how Terrell Owens has made Donovan McNabb better (incidentally, also the topic of an article by Michael David Smith and me in the New York Sun tomorrow). You also get the usual Peter King notes. I'm a MMQB fan but I do think King needs to do a better job of taking opponent quality into account when he makes his proclamations. I'm not sure keeping Billy Volek in check is a sign that Minnesota now has a defense, and he seems amazed that Allen Rossum could return a punt for a touchdown against KC's "maniacal" special teams.

Snap Judgment: Michael Vick Overrated?

It's another week of ESPN Page 2's Snap Judgment, as the ESPN columnists are joined by yours truly to analyze quarterbacks in the NFL. This week we ask what's wrong with Michael Vick, how far is Chad Pennington behind Tom Brady, and will Daunte Culpepper break the Dan Marino passing touchdowns record. Plus, I give DPAR ratings for each quarterback yesterday and each one gets a comment connecting him to a player in the World Series. Come check out who gets to be So Taguchi.

Monday Rewind: What We Learned in Week 7

Terry Bradshaw tells us what he's learned in week 7. My favorite: "Whatever the Bears are running right now…well, it's the worst offense I've ever seen." He also discusses why the Jags won, wonders how the Rams loss, and is befuddled by the "whupping" the Chiefs put on the Falcons.

Despite Shortage, Bears Get Flu Shots

Even though a major screwup by the federal government has resulted in a shortage of flu vaccinations that could result in the deaths of thousands of high-risk people, about half of the players on the Chicago Bears decided to get flu shots. Bears fans are no doubt hoping that Jonathan Quinn was among the players who decided to pass up the shots.

Hall of Fame Nominees Announced

The Pro Football Hall of Fame has announced 89 people on the preliminary ballot. I'm curious to hear everyone's votes, but my strongest opinion is that it's long past time for Fritz Pollard to get the recognition he deserves. My other yes votes would probably go to Steve Young, Dan Marino, Michael Irvin, and Joe Jacoby. And I could make a case for Paul Tagliabue, who has done a good job keeping labor peace and acted as a strong leader after 9/11. I consider Art Monk, Derrick Thomas, and Charles Haley to be near misses. Any arguments?

Billick Wants Lewis Practicing With Ravens

Apparently Brian Billick thinks that as part of his NFL-mandated suspension, Jamal Lewis should still be allowed to go to work every day. I found this quote particularly entertaining: "We can talk to him, but he's not allowed to be in the building, which I really think has to be revisited during the offseason...When you have an athlete in this position...He needs to be around the counseling and the mentoring we have here.

Football Commentary: Week 6 Strategy Review

The latest strategy analysis from William Krasker looks at Mike Martz going for it on 4th-and-goal at the end of the second quarter, two point conversion choices by the Jets and Seahawks, and Andy Reid's favorite play, the unexpected mid-game onside kick. We'll be publishing William's review and reconsideration of the most interesting strategic decisions of Weeks 1-6 later this weekend.

How the Dolphins Helped Every Other Team

It's open season for everyone who wants to pile on the Dolphins. Dave Hyde of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel shows us how, in one way or another, the Dolphins' futility has helped every other team in the league.