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FO at TNR: Hall of Shame

Continuing our slow takeover of TNR.com, Michael David Smith writes about Fritz Pollard, Joe Lillard, and the NFL's poor record when it comes to recognizing great African-American players from the era of segregation. This ran on Friday, before the Hall induction, but we haven't been able to link until now. Thanks to TNR for allowing us to link without subscription so you can all read the article.

Fame Game, Part II

OK, this one is guaranteed to spur some debate. SI.com's Dr. Z looks at likely Hall of Fame choices every year from 2005 to 2009, and then goes through every current team and looks at possible Hall of Famers. Some of his "sleeper" picks are just plain nutty. If Dr. Z really thinks that Travis Henry projects to a Hall of Fame career we may need an intervention. The NFC team-by-team is on a different page (linked at the bottom of the first page). Note that in the Packers section Dr. Z says: "My No.

Don't Tell Me the XFL Wasn't Culturally Significant

This article really has nothing to do with football; it's a review of the latest Spike Lee movie. But it does point out that the movie, "She Hate Me," takes its title from Rod Smart's nickname. Rod Smart may have the dumbest, the most grammatically incorrect, and the most far-reaching nickname in the history of sport.

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