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Snap Judgment: Peerless Peyton

Here's today's ESPN Page 2 Snap Judgment, featuring quarterback ratings and comments by yours truly. The other writers ooh and ah over Peyton Manning, but actually Manning didn't have such a great day yesterday. Sure, there is a major difference in the defenses, but who expected that Byron Leftwich would outpass Manning by 100 yards -- and that the Colts would win anyway? Now featuring some additional commentary on how Terrell Owens really has made the difference for Donovan McNabb this season.

Peter King's MMQB: Welcome to NFL Paradise

Peter King tells us how good his life is and brags about how his daughter is friends with Ken Starr's niece. There are some football notes in there as well and a pretty good joke about the Nets.

Monday Rewind: What We Learned from Week 4

In Terry Bradshaw's weekly column, he writes that the Pats, Steelers, and Cards were all impressive Sunday, while Carson Palmer, the Titans, and the Chiefs -- even though they haven't played yet -- were disappointments. Bradshaw also makes the point that "more and more coaches challenge calls they shouldn't and that many of them don't know the rules." I'm guessing he was watching the Redskins game...again.

Ten Toughest Players of Last 25 Years

More on the Joey Harrington controversy, but this time Curt Sylvester of the Detroit Free Press morphs it into a ranking of the toughest guys in recent league history. A certain Detroit Lions GM makes the list. Please use the comments to discuss notable omissions, but I must say this: Anyone who writes about football for a living and thinks Jim McMahon is tougher than Ray Lewis ought to consider a new line of work.

Plummer Decides Not to Wear Tillman Decal

Pat Tillman was Jake Plummer's teammate at Arizona State and with the Cardinals, and Plummer wanted to honor Tillman by keeping the No. 40 decal on his helmet for the entire season, instead of taking it off after one game as the league mandated. But after being threatened with a $30,000 fine, Plummer has decided to take the sticker off his helmet. Here's my question: What does the league think it's accomplishing?

Offending Line Play

SI's Dr. Z is back with a pretty coherent look at the generally abysmal offensive line play that is being seeing around the league. The article goes beyond the most frequently given reason -- the proliferation of free agency and accompanying lack of continuity -- to offer other explanations. Any Dr. Z article that doesn't mention the Flaming Redhead stands a better chance of being a worthwhile read, and this one passes the test.

Drew Bledsoe: An NFL Never-Was

This article from the new Patriots blog Cold Hard Football Facts argues that Drew Bledsoe is not a great quarterback who is now in decline. According to writer Kerry Byrne, he was never a great quarterback to begin with. You know, as I was researching my TNR article on Byron Leftwich, I came across a few comparisons of Leftwich to Bledsoe, physically (in the words of Butch from the Cape: "He's tall, he's got a strong arm"). But mentally, I mean, Leftwich's sense of what's going on around him is miles ahead of Bledsoe.

FO at TNR: Byron Leftwich Dispels a Myth

In my latest piece for The New Republic, I discuss how Byron Leftwich is dispelling a racial myth by playing mediocre football. He's the first African-American quarterback to follow in the footsteps of Tom Brady and Trent Dilfer as a "game manager" -- well-regarded for intelligence and leadership instead of flashy plays and dazzling stats.

The Case Against Instant Replay

In his weekly NFL.com column, Troy Aikman comes out against instant replay -- at least in its current form. He says, "If we're going to have instant replay, it needs to be done right. There are just too many inconsistencies." If anyone watched the Monday night game, they can see where Aikman's coming from. One of his suggestions is to either make pass interference reviewable or just go back to the college rule and make it a 15-yard penalty. Of course, if we start reviewing every play, Sunday games won't finish until Tuesday afternoon.

Dr. Z's Power Rankings: Back in the Saddle

There are 100 power rankings out there on the Web (heck, I do one too) but Dr. Z's are usually good for information about how teams are playing and how coaches are thinking. The information contained within is a better reason to read than the rankings themselves, although they make more sense now that Dr. Z has gotten rid of his early season "can't rank anyone above a team that beat them" nonsense.

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