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29 May 2018, 12:36pm by Guest

Film Room: Deshaun Watson

Guest columnist Karan Gill shows how the Houston quarterback's deep ball improved throughout his rookie season, and how Bill O'Brien put him in a position to succeed.

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31 Jan 2018, 03:18pm by Derrik Klassen

Film Room: Rob Gronkowski

The skeleton key in New England's offense, Gronk is a matchup nightmare for any defense -- and an especially difficult opponent for the Philadelphia Eagles.

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25 Jan 2018, 06:06pm by Charles McDonald

Film Room: Eagles Offense

Turns out the loss of Carson Wentz was not the end of Philadelphia's season after all. Charles McDonald shows how Doug Pederson has put backup Nick Foles in position to win a Super Bowl.

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18 Jan 2018, 12:45pm by Derrik Klassen

Film Room: Case Keenum

The surgical efficiency of the Vikings quarterback has been one of the biggest shocks of the 2017 season. Derrik Klassen explains what Keenum does well -- and what the Eagles can do to shut him down in the NFC Championship Game.

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11 Jan 2018, 06:08pm by Charles McDonald

Film Room: Falcons Defense

In 2016, it was Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, and the offense that carried the Falcons on a playoff run. Charles McDonald shows how the defense has done a lot more of the heavy lifting in the second half of the 2017 season.

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04 Jan 2018, 12:42pm by Derrik Klassen

Film Room: Cam Newton

Sunday's loss to Atlanta showed the best and worst of Cam Newton. With Carolina's offense in dire straits, can the quarterback carry the load like never before in the playoffs?

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28 Dec 2017, 11:41am by Charles McDonald

Film Room: Jaguars Defense

Charles McDonald looks at San Francisco's upset of Jacksonville and found that it was strategy, not talent, that exposed weaknesses in the Jaguars' previously dominant pass coverage.

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21 Dec 2017, 01:16pm by Derrik Klassen

Film Room: Seahawks Run Defense

Seattle's offensive line has taken the blame for most of the Seahawks' struggles this year. However, as Derrik Klassen points out, it's the injury-ravaged run defense that may ultimately cost the team a playoff berth.

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14 Dec 2017, 05:19pm by Charles McDonald

Film Room: Josh Gordon

Does Josh Gordon deserve a chance at redemption? Can he still be a top-flight receiver after nearly three years in exile? Is he the most dangerous weapon on the Browns roster? Charles McDonald explains why the answers are yes, yes, and lord, yes.

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07 Dec 2017, 01:47pm by Derrik Klassen

Film Room: Chiefs Defense

Yes, Alex Smith, Kareem Hunt, and Tyreek Hill have all cooled off after a hot start. But the real culprits in Kansas City's collapse --including cornerback Marcus Peters -- can be found on the other side of the ball.

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