ESPN INSIDER: Big 12 Season Preview

Bill Connelly and Brian Fremeau begin a series of conference previews over on ESPN Insider. This edition looks at the extreme imbalance between the Big 12 divisions and explains why FOA 2009 isn't buying the Kool-Aid that has people putting Nebraska back in their preseason Top 25s.

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As a Nebraska fan, I was rather surprised at the 6-6 predicted record. Most folks I know predict them for 8 or 9 wins. Yes, the defense is in transition last year. But Pelini has been doing a good job. A lot of their low ranking has to do with the high-scoring offenses in the Big XII, which makes them look bad in comparison. They play Florida Atlantic, Arkansas State, Louisiana-Lafayette, Iowa State, and Baylor. You don't see them getting at least two more wins? I would put them ahead of Kansas State and Colorado easily, and give them a decent chance of beating Texas Tech at home, or VA Tech and Missouri on the road. That's 8-9 wins.

2 Re: ESPN INSIDER: Big 12 Season Preview

yeah, NU fan here who thinks we're a lock for 7, predicts 8, and hopes for 9. between the three sunbelt teams and iowa state, that's four sure wins. no reason that NU shouldn't beat CU and Kstate, which puts them at six. then they have to win one from baylor and mizzou to get to seven and one from ttech and kansas to get to eight. seems reasonable.