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ESPN: Making an Immediate Impact

There have been some pretty splashy hires in college football over the last few weeks, but which coaches are inheriting programs ready to win now? According to Program FEI, a five-year weighted rating that correlates well with next-year success, Urban Meyer, Kevin Sumlin, and Larry Fedora are walking into good situations at Ohio State, Texas A&M, and North Carolina respectively. Each program has challenges to overcome, but there are opportunities for an immediate impact.


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1 Re: ESPN: Making an Immediate Impact

by Gunslinger1978 // Dec 15, 2011 - 11:37am

Brian, if I were going to use the FEI as a tool to help make bowl picks, is there a way to approximate the SOS Fut of each team in a given game into a probable outcome? I.e. if Michigan (.813) plays VT (.691), obviously Mich is the favorite, what odds or spread would that work out to? Is there going to be any sort of bowl pick article or premium pick content?

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2 Re: ESPN: Making an Immediate Impact

by Brian Fremeau // Dec 15, 2011 - 4:11pm

The F/+ bowl picks will be coming in Seventh Day Adventure columns. We're breaking the bowl season into three 11- or 12-game slices, starting later today.

For FEI bowl picks, see here:

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