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ESPN: Stanford's Edge Over Oregon

Brian Fremeau updates his Points Per Value Drive (PPVD) metric and finds that the two teams at the top in net PPVD just happen to be squaring off in Palo Alto this weekend. Stanford is getting it done with more consistently methodical success, and Oregon has the edge in explosiveness. Expect to see more scoring, but like last weekend, this game might come down to the kickers.


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1 Re: ESPN: Stanford's Edge Over Oregon

by Kal // Nov 08, 2011 - 2:50pm

This is a really interesting analysis and something I mentioned on a post at the UW fansite as well - that one thing UW did well compared to other Oregon opponents was limit explosive plays, which meant longer drives.

That being said, something Oregon has become very known for this season is their 4 minute offense, where they bleed the clock methodically while running for 4-5 yards a clip. There have been other cases where they didn't kick a field goal inside the 20 because they were already well ahead and didn't want to increase the score. While I know that FEI takes into account only the drives when things are in contention, I'd be curious if FEI also looks at those long drives that end the game but don't end in points.

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