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ESPN: NCAA Top Power Conference Pairs

Ask the question about which conference ranks above all others and you're bound to get a handful of answers. Some fans want to trump up the average computer rankings of conference members or point only to interconference matchup records. Others extol the virtues of the worst teams in a given league, underscoring the strength of the depth of their favorite conference. And still others count up only the total number of teams ranked in various polls, ignoring the relative position of those teams or any information about the teams ranked 26th or worse.

At the midpoint of the 2016 season, we're zeroing in on the teams best positioned to contend for the College Football Playoff. And for several contenders, they're in a two-horse race to win their division and conference to get themselves into the committee's top four at the end of the regular season. According to our opponent-adjusted drive efficiency ratings, the top eight teams in the country this week include a pair of teams from each of four Power 5 leagues.

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