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ESPN: Week 14 DFS Matchups

At ESPN Insider, some of our favorite Week 14 DFS matchups include Alex Smith, Rex Burkhead, Davante Adams, and Cameron Brate. We're also walking on the wild side with Blaine Gabbert against the Titans.

Each week I will recap the picks I made in the previous week's column to gauge the accuracy of my advice. References to rankings are from DraftKings for that player's position.


Josh McCown - the only better pick you could have made was Alex Smith this week, thanks mostly to a 70-yard run. But McCown put up 34.14 FPT to finish as QB2.

Melvin Gordon - slight hit at RB19 with 14.6 FPT. Cleveland's run defense is starting to crack more.

Tevin Coleman (fade) - while I was right that Coleman (7.9 FPT) was a bad play in this game, I didn't quite nail the best running back from Vikings-Falcons (see below).

A.J. Green - He was WR6 for the week. I was wrong that he would outscore Antonio Brown, but he had 26.7 FPT to Brown's 27.1, and on a salary that was $2,600 cheaper. Stacking both would have been very helpful.

Doug Baldwin (fade) - he was WR24 with 13.4 FPT. I usually like to see 15 points and top 20 status for a wideout with a salary like Baldwin's. He didn't kill your team, but some disappointment for sure when his touchdown was overturned on Sunday night.

Hunter Henry - it was another week for the big boys (Rob Gronkowski and Travis Kelce), but Henry was solid as TE8 with 15.1 FPT.

Jack Doyle (fade) - only 4.6 FPT in Jacksonville. You really just had to steer clear of Indianapolis players in Jacksonville.


Drew Brees - there were some bigger duds in Week 13 (Tom Brady and Matt Ryan), but would have expected more than 14.46 FPT from Brees. Even DeShone Kizer hit 15 points this week. The running backs did a lot of damage again for Brees.

Ben Roethlisberger (fade) - he finished with 19 FPT after a slow start to the night to finish as QB11. So it was a little better than I expected, though there weren't many strong fantasy performances from quarterbacks this week.

Jordan Howard - another tough week with 4.3 FPT. Chicago's offense just doesn't stay on the field anymore.

Latavius Murray - he didn't bury your team (12.7 FPT), but Jerick McKinnon (16.2 FPT) ended up being the better play. The key point was after a 30-yard run by Murray, he got a breather while McKinnon ended up catching a touchdown. Don't you just love this stuff?

Mike Evans - this was a confusing one since Evans had his second-least productive game of the season (5.3 FPT) against a secondary he should have been able to dominate.

Jarvis Landry - not a total bust (11.2 FPT), but Kenny Stills (19.8 FPT) was the Miami wide receiver to have in this one.

Season recap
Week 1: 7-4
Week 2: 6-5
Week 3: 5-8
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