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27 Sep 2017

ESPN: Week 4 DFS Matchups

At ESPN Insider, some of our favorite Week 4 DFS matchups include Matthew Stafford, Chris Carson, Michael Thomas, and Charles Clay.

Each week I will recap the picks I made in the previous week's column to gauge the accuracy of my advice. References to rankings are from DraftKings for that player's position.


Cam Newton (fade) - I didn't think you could just rely on the Saints defense being so bad to play Newton this week without Greg Olsen, and I was right. He finished with just 11.28 FPT, and even that was boosted by a short rushing score. I wouldn't trust Newton again this week in New England.

Carlos Hyde - It was actually Todd Gurley (40.9 FPT) who dominated Thursday night, but Hyde was still very respectable with 24.4 FPT (RB7).

C.J. Anderson (fade) - I was correct in going with LeSean McCoy over Anderson, who only had 6.3 FPT in a disappointing game. However, I didn't nail the McCoy pick completely (see below).

Michael Crabtree (fade) - I was pretty good on the fades this week. Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper each caught one pass for 6 or 7 yards a piece in a stunningly bad game in Washington.

Coby Fleener - a clean sweep of the fades, Fleener scored just 3.1 FPT in Carolina. Now Willie Snead is back to eat into his production even more.


Matthew Stafford - his 16.46 FPT are sorely missing that final 4.0 points for the Golden Tate touchdown that was, then wasn't. Still, it was a disappointing fantasy game for most Falcons and Lions.

Ben Roethlisberger - yeah, this was a worse pick than Stafford. Roethlisberger missed too many throws again and didn't get the ball in overtime. He finished with 13 FPT.

LeSean McCoy - the fact that Mike Tolbert keeps getting so many carries in this offense is very frustrating for many reasons. McCoy at least caught seven balls to pad the numbers, but 13.9 FPT was not what we expected on a $7,000 salary. He was RB15.

Jonathan Stewart - I had a rough week with running backs. Stewart got a lot of early carries, which was nice, but then the Panthers fell behind multiple scores and abandoned him. He finished with 7.1 FPT.

Jermaine Kearse - only 7.2 FPT, but who in the world saw the Jets leading 20-0 in this one? Josh McCown is actually not doing that bad of a job so far this year.

Jarvis Landry - again, total misjudgment on this game since I really liked Jay Ajayi too. Miami's offense just laid a huge egg in New York. You had to go with DeVante Parker (21.6 FPT) for any real fantasy value, and even he needed the final play of the game to get a touchdown.

Martavis Bryant - this one hurt, because right on the very first play of the game Bryant was open for a 75-yard touchdown. Ben Roethlisberger was just a hair too far on the pass. That play alone would have made a respectable day for Bryant, but instead he only finished with 5 FPT.

Jason Witten - ouch, only 1.3 FPT on a night where Dak Prescott threw just 18 passes.

Week 1 tally: 7-4
Week 2 tally: 6-5
Week 3 tally: 5-8
Season: 18-17

Posted by: Scott Kacsmar on 27 Sep 2017