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ESPN: Week 9 DFS Matchups

At ESPN Insider, some of our favorite Week 9 DFS matchups include Jay Cutler, Adrian Peterson, Devin Funchess, and Delanie Walker.

Each week I will recap the picks I made in the previous week's column to gauge the accuracy of my advice. References to rankings are from DraftKings for that player's position.


Andy Dalton - in a strange QB week, you basically had to have Deshaun Watson or Russell Wilson to do well. Dalton finished as QB5 with 18.72 FPT, so I'm satisfied with that as a bargain bin pick.

Josh McCown - again, scoring was way down this week at QB. McCown finished as QB8 with 18.28 FPT.

Alex Smith (fade) - he struggled to get to 14.38 FPT to finish as QB15.

Chris Thompson - he wasn't fantastic, but Thompson did fine with 16.4 FPT (RB12).

Carlos Hyde (fade) - he finished with 8.7 FPT in a game that predictably got away from the 49ers in Philadelphia.

Adam Thielen - I was sleeping while it happened, but Thielen finally caught his first touchdown of 2017 as I said he would. He finished with 20.8 FPT (WR9).


Jay Ajayi - welp, I won't have to pick Ajayi with the Dolphins anymore after he's been traded to Philadelphia, but I'm not sure when you should play him again given how crowded the Eagles' backfield already is. Ajayi had 8.1 FPT in his Miami exit.

Keenan Allen - only 10.1 FPT on a high salary was disappointing. Philip Rivers was locked onto Travis Benjamin on the final drive too.

Deonte Thompson - he caught one ball for 5 yards. Apparently last week's big game didn't earn Thompson any clout, and the Bills traded for Kelvin Benjamin on Tuesday.

DeAndre Hopkins (fade) - serve as much crow as you want. Hopkins had 39.4 FPT in one of the most dominant games this year by a wideout. He even had huge YAC to spite me.

Jordan Reed - only 1.5 FPT after Reed left another game injured. He's a frustrating player due to his durability issues.

Jimmy Graham (fade) - apparently I had no idea Texans-Seahawks would be one of the greatest shootouts in NFL history. Graham's late touchdown pushed him to 19.9 FPT and TE3.

Week 1 tally: 7-4
Week 2 tally: 6-5
Week 3 tally: 5-8
Week 4 tally: 6-8
Week 5 tally: 8-4
Week 6 tally: 4-8
Week 7 tally: 3-9
Week 8 tally: 6-6
Season: 45-51


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