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ESPN: Divisional Round DFS Matchups

At ESPN Insider, our final fantasy column of the season looks at DFS matchups for the divisional round. Some of our favorite plays include Case Keenum, Dion Lewis, Alshon Jeffery, and Kyle Rudolph. We also like one of Pittsburgh's three stars far more than the other two.

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2 Re: ESPN: Divisional Round DFS Matchups

I don't think I've done the playoffs before like that since it's just a four-game slate. Looking at my picks, I didn't push for any of the top nine scorers, so that's not good. I had the scorers ranked 10th (Michael Thomas), 12th (Alex Smith), 13th (Todd Gurley), 15th (Tyreek Hill), and 16th (Travis Kelce). So that was at least something to work with. You really needed Derrick Henry and the Cam/Olsen or Cam/McCaffrey stack to win this week. McCoy outscoring Kamara/Ingram combined is pretty crazy.