ESPN INSIDER: NFC East Players to Watch

ESPN Insider asked us to do a series of capsule previews of each team, looking at one player on the rise, one player falling, and "one to watch." Rather than 32 different links from FO, we decided to group them as if this were another round of Four Downs. Here are links to the pieces on the NFC East along with which players are discussed:

  • New York Giants: Corey Webster, offensive line, Danny Ware
  • Philadelphia: Brent Celek, Brian Westbrook, Michael Vick
  • Dallas: Miles Austin, Flozell Adams, Orlando Scandrick
  • Washington: Andre Carter, Clinton Portis, DeAngelo Hall
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1 Re: ESPN INSIDER: NFC East Players to Watch

The Hotel is certainly aging, but most of his dropoff last year was due to injury-- he was playing one-armed after Week 4, and no-armed in the last 6-7 games due to injuries. Nerve and shoulder injuries took away strength in both his arms. Soooooo....if he can stay healthy, he should theoretically be able to rebound to a 2007 level of play, which is a top 7 or 8 LT in the game (erased Trent Cole and Osi in their 4 match-ups that year). Of course, at his age it's not a sure thing that he can stay healthy.

Can Celek block? Even before Ingram's ACL tear, it seemed like the Eagles had two pretty good receiving threats at TE and minimal blocking ability. Given that they don't had a seasoned FB on the roster either, I question their running ability, even if that huge OL manages to all take the field together.