ESPN: Best Free Agent Fits

Where are the best fits for top free agents like Mario Williams and Peyton Manning? Try Tennessee and Seattle, respectively.

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What about Mike Wallace? If I were the Bears' management, I would prefer him to Vincent Jackson. Then again, if I were the Bears' management, I wouldn't be reading intelligent football websites.

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The Bears need a receiver who can consistently get open regardless of coverage, which Wallace can. The two teams that have both cap space and need a WR are the Chiefs and Bengals. Too bad the Chiefs pick so high and the Bengals are so cheap. The 49ers could go for Wallace. Alex Smith may have a noodle arm, but Colin Kaepernick had one of the strongest arms in last year's draft. And despite last year, Smith has not been the most durable QB. He's probably better than anyone the 49ers might draft that late and they have loads of cap space they could use on a front-loaded contract the Steelers couldn't match.

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So far as I have been able to determine, PFR uses their draft-day metrics for their data, whereas the NFL seems to use the team's official listing as of the most recent season.

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I'd be shocked if the Pats didn't make a serious run at Williams. It makes too much sense - they hurt the Steelers, they maximize the end of the Brady era, they have a pick to spare. If I were them, I'd even risk low-balling Welker if it meant getting Wallace.