Playmaker Score 2016 (ESPN Insider version)

Here are Nathan Forster's Playmaker Score projections for the top WR prospects of 2016. Playmaker Score loves Corey Coleman of Baylor and is surprisingly lukewarm on the consensus No. 1 prospect, Laquon Treadwell of Ole Miss. Pharoh Cooper is our big mid-round sleeper. There will be an expanded piece with all the Playmaker Scores for 2016 (both "rating" and "projection") on FO next week, and then the same with Nathan's SackSEER projections for edge rushers: ESPN Insider next week and FO the week after.

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1 Re: Playmaker Score 2016 (ESPN Insider version)

Is this a typo in the Higgins section, "If Higgins were not projected to go so low in the draft, he would be behind only -------, ------* and Boyd in Playmaker Score."

Should it say Treadwell in stead of Boyd?

*Trying not to give away the article.