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22 Jun 2017

ESPN: 30 Best Teams of the Last 30 Years

If you are a regular Football Outsiders reader, you already know that the No. 1 team is the 1991 Washington Redskins, the only team to appear on all three of our previous top 30 lists. Adding the postseason to these ratings just increases their dominance. Including postseason DVOA also moves up the 1988 and 1989 49ers, 1992 Cowboys, and 2000 Ravens, while moving down great teams that suffered playoff upset losses such as the 1987 49ers and 2010 Patriots. The next challenge for the 1991 Redskins comes sometime in the next year or two, when we finish up DVOA for the 1984 49ers and 1985 Bears.

Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 22 Jun 2017

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by sanufdutta :: Tue, 07/11/2017 - 2:26am

All the way The Green Bay Packers are the best among all.