ESPN: Breaking Down 2016 QB Stats

What we've got here is a week-long series of stat breakdowns at ESPN Insider, looking at how quarterbacks did in 2016. We'll be adding a new list each day this week.

Monday: Most accurate quarterbacks by C%+
Tuesday: Least accurate quarterbacks by C%+
Wednesday: Most aggressive quarterbacks by ALEX
Thursday: Least aggressive quarterbacks by ALEX
Friday: Most valuable quarterbacks by EPA relative to team EPA
Saturday: Least valuable quarterbacks by EPA relative to team EPA

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1 Re: ESPN: Breaking Down 2016 QB Stats

Is there any chance (and for all I know, this already happens and I never found out) that the ESPN Insider articles could be reposted to FO on a delayed basis (a week, two weeks, two months, whatever)?

Years ago, I used to get the cheapie subscription to ESPN The Magazine just for access to FO on Insider, but I don't do that anymore, it'd be nice to read the articles eventually, and I'm not too concerned about timeliness.

I don't know how the contract with ESPN Insider is written, and perhaps it precludes the possibility of reposting the articles, but it'd be nice to see Aaron's and Scott's and Rivers' and everyone's work there... eventually.