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11 Aug 2017

ESPN: QB Hope Index

A new feature for ESPN Insider, the QB Hope Index. I broke down the last 20 years of franchise quarterbacks to figure out what indicators help us learn when a young quarterback will fully develop, and then we give the chances for every quarterback from the last three drafts. You may be surprised to learn even Dak Prescott doesn't have a 100 percent chance of long-term success, and even Christian Hackenberg is not at zero.

Posted by: Aaron Schatz on 11 Aug 2017

1 comment, Last at 14 Aug 2017, 7:21pm by Shattenjager


by Shattenjager :: Mon, 08/14/2017 - 7:21pm

Interesting (and unsurprising) which of the two Denver QBs is higher. I am surprised that their percentages are as high as they are, however.

It's a really cool idea, so I hope this one hangs around for the future.