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ESPN: Ranking the NFL's Hardest Schedules 1-32

In an annual piece for ESPN+ (formerly ESPN Insider), I take a look at all 32 NFL schedules, ranked from hardest to easiest. We look at weird quirks in the schedule and what each team's hardest stretch is, based on preseason projections.


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1 Re: ESPN: Ranking the NFL's Hardest Schedules 1-32

by morganja // Sep 05, 2018 - 12:55pm

I'm guessing that the hardest schedule is why people are picking the under for the Panthers this year. They seem much improved to me, but I am not an expert. It's nice to have potential receivers, Curtis Samuel and DJ Moore in the mix. They haven't had a real receiver since they ushered Steve Smith out the door. If the receivers are actually pro level, the expected emergence of Christian Mccaffery, and Newton completing a higher percentage of his passes, one might think that the Panthers offense will finally approach the level of their defense.
If that isn't enough to convince, Matt Kalil is on IR. Getting rid of Matt Kalil catapulted Minnesota instantly from the depths of the Cleveland Browns to the spires of Super Bowl contenders. What will it do for the Panthers?

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