ESPN: The Two Teams That Must Sign Kirk Cousins

The Minnesota Vikings may be the favorites to sign Kirk Cousins, but Arizona and Denver could use him even more.

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I've watched Kirk Cousins every game in the NFL. He isn't that good. He's okay. He gamed the salary system well. The hype is ridiculous.

I could be wrong, but whatever. I'm the last thing from a Dan Snyder defender(the real reason the franchise will never win). I just think the Cousins hype is overrated based on stats and not actual ability.

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Cousins falls into the bottom tier of top QB play. He's not great and nobody has claimed he is. But he's better than at least half of NFL starters, and that's good enough.

QBs I like better, in no order (from memory so I may have missed someone)
Luck (if healthy)

Possibly better (some more likely than others) but unproven

Similar level

That's ten QBs I think most people would take over Cousins, and possibly a couple more but you'd be relying on potential there. I'd put Carr about the same level, but I like Cousins better than Carr. I think he's definitely better than Winston, Flacco, Dalton, Bortles (I can't believe I'm even listing him as a credible option), and any other free agent except maybe Bradford who is both older and an injury waiting to happen. It's not easy to find his level of talent. Yes, you'd still like to improve. But he's got his pick of teams for good reason.

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Cousins is a dead average QB (16th or 19th, depending on the evaluation) who needs a very good O-Line. Not to mince words, Kirk is a ~$24M step DOWN from Case Keenum in Minnesota and the Cardinals couldn't block an artery.

Denver needs him most, the plan being to get a ready-to-go starting LT (easier said than done!) with their #5 pick, kicking Garett Bolles to RT.

Some argue the Broncos should bite the bullet, pick up a journeyman bridge QB, draft a mobile rookie pivot, [fire their coach] and start working on their O-Line. The problem there is that by the time they get their passer the WRs may be gone and their defense will have continued to deteriorate. In this case, patience isn't a virtue.

The Jets have the cap space but not a single Top 32 O-Lineman. Believe it or not, Cleveland is the perfect spot for Kirk Cousins (absent copious coaching/ownership/management issues), given that the Browns don't have the option/ability to develop a rookie talent. As Adam Schefter and others have made clear, though, Cousins ain't willing to go there. Back to square 1!

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I'm shocked of all the people in the world to not be able to evaluate Cousins, the FO crew can't

With a clean pocket he is flat out elite, without he struggles. Saying people that get Keenum will be in better shape apparently haven't seen his DVOA outside of 2017