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ESPN Upset Watch: Redskins-Packers
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ESPN Upset Watch: Redskins-Packers

One of the little secrets of the NFL the last couple years: Washington is not a bad team, just a mediocre one. And with better red zone performance, mediocrity might be enough to upset the Green Bay Packers at home.

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ESPN Upset Watch: Seahawks-Bears
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ESPN Upset Watch: Seahawks-Bears

New on ESPN+, a look at what the Seahawks have to do to upset the Bears on Monday night. Russell Wilson is going to get pressured; the good news is that he's one of the league's best quarterbacks under pressure, with surprising consistency. Plus, Cover Watch: Detroit at San Francisco.

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ESPN Upset Watch: Giants-Jaguars
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ESPN Upset Watch: Giants-Jaguars

Here's the return of a feature we did for ESPN a few years ago, the weekly Upset Watch. Each week we'll highlight a possible upset among games with a line of at least three points, detailing how and why it could happen. This week, more on our Jacksonville projection and what better health could mean for the New York Giants offense. Plus, a weekly cover watch, with a big line we think could be a cover. Or in this week's case, a small line, Dallas at Carolina.

ESPN Upset Watch: Jets over Dolphins

This week's Upset Watch looks at the Jets in their attempt to play spoiler against the Dolphins. A big blowout in the first game a division rivalry doesn't guarantee a loss in the rematch, especially for a team as inconsistent as the Jets. Cover Watch asks if the Bucs could use Darrelle Revis to try to slow down Jimmy Graham.

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ESPN Upset Watch: Bears over Eagles

This week's Upset Watch looks at how the Bears can get past the Eagles, featuring some interesting third-down stats and the first cornerback charting stats of the season. Cover Watch has Arizona in Seattle.

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ESPN Upset Watch: Bucs over 49ers

This week's Upset Watch looks at the improvement in the Tampa Bay pass defense since the middle of the season, and what that means for this Sunday's game against San Francisco. Cover Watch looks at the Jets' run defense against the Carolina offense.

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ESPN Upset Watch: Panthers over Saints

Shocking as it may sound, it is in fact possible for New Orleans to lose a game at home. But the Panthers will need to switch up their offensive philosophy and go counter-intuitive: pass on first down, run on second and third. Cover Watch looks at St. Louis and Arizona.

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ESPN Upset Watch: Steelers over Ravens

How can the Steelers beat the Ravens on the road and put themselves into pole position for the sixth AFC playoff spot? Cover Watch looks at another divisional rivalry, the Rams and 49ers.

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ESPN Upset Watch: Jets over Ravens

This week's Upset Watch looks at how the inconsistent Jets can beat the inconsistent Ravens on the road. Cover Watch points out once again how bad Houston has been this year, despite the fact that Jacksonville has been even worse.

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ESPN Upset Watch: Packers over Giants

The drop from Aaron Rodgers to Scott Tolzien is huge, but is it really worth two touchdowns? In Cover Watch, we look at how Adrian Peterson can keep things close for the Vikings in Seattle.

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