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ESPN Upset Watch: Jets-Vikings

ESPN Upset Watch: Jets-Vikings
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

This week's ESPN Upset Watch looks at how the Jets can use their improved defense to take down the Minnesota Vikings at home. Cover Watch looks at the Giants and Falcons on Monday Night Football.

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3 comments, Last at 21 Oct 2018, 12:11am

1 Re: ESPN Upset Watch: Jets-Vikings

I'll let the lines move down and bet it all on the Vikes (not a fan of either but I know when "good D's" have their toughest test and get exposed)

2 Re: ESPN Upset Watch: Jets-Vikings

Generally the Jets' D has played well every game, except the one against the Jaguars. Even in that one,
they forced 3 turnovers. So I think the Jets defense is good for real, but may have a rough week because 3
out of their 5 top players in the secondary are out. More likely is that Darnold and Co. have a bunch of mistakes
that allow the Vikings to run away with it. If I were you I'd bet on the Vikings.

3 Re: ESPN Upset Watch: Jets-Vikings

Ditto. This is one game I put no thought into. After I got my ticket I noticed I have 4 road teams: Minny, Detroit, NWO, Dallas. But it's not like in any of these games I am betting against superior teams. I have a hankering the Saints could be in for a dog fight with the Ravens, only because Baltimore throws the ball better than they have in years and the Saints can't stop the pass. Chances are likely this post was read by the NFL and now the games will be fixed with 4 of these home teams covering. Until that happens I will act as if I have already won. Plans have been made of what to do with my winnings.