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ESPN Upset Watch: Vikings-Bears

Chicago is the better team by DVOA, but Minnesota is coming off the bye week and gets Stefon Diggs back. At ESPN+ Chalk, we look at what the Vikings need to do in order to upset the Bears in an important NFC North meeting. Cover Watch looks at the Monday Chiefs-Rams game.

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2 comments, Last at 16 Nov 2018, 9:49am

2 Re: ESPN Upset Watch: Vikings-Bears

One area the vikings have struggled in is containing running QBs... it was one of the main things Josh Allen did to them. And Trubisky right now is the top running QB by DYAR.

I think it would take a monster game for their defense to match what Chicago's defense will do to their line.

It looks like Barr and Sendejo will miss, but Eric Wilson and George Iloka have provided depth there.