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ESPN: Bills Are AFC East Favorites

Despite a two-game losing streak, we still have the Buffalo Bills as the favorites to win the AFC East. And though the focus is on the quarterback switch from EJ Manuel to Kyle Orton, the team's real strength is a run defense that has been surprisingly dominant even without Kiko Alonso.

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2 Re: ESPN: Bills Are AFC East Favorites

I am really excited that they made the switch to Orton. Usually the Bills upper management doesnot want to admit mistakes and the QB is kept until all is too late.

Everybody knew that EJ had to sit at least a year and unfortunately a rubber mat killed that idea last year. I still think he might turn it around after learning on the bench. But I wont hold my breath.

Not having a frist round pick next year sucks, esoecially since Orton is also not the long-term answer. But the team is staying, they are playing pretty well except QB so far, so there is at least some hope. In combination with the AFC East being as bad as it currently is, the outlook is comparably good. I just hope that Orton is at least a small improvement from EJ and that Pegula fires the whole upper management. So maybe they will finally find a decent QB.

And I like Marrone.