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ESPN: Daring Moves for All 32 NFL Teams

Philip Rivers
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

Here's our annual piece for ESPN+ going through and suggesting bold moves for each team. Philip Rivers to the Bears? Or should he go to the Colts? Or maybe the Colts need to go all in on defense? Plus Joe Thuney to Cincinnati, Justin Simmons to New England, and more suggestions.

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9 comments, Last at 28 Feb 2020, 8:19am

1 Is it just me

Or is there no link to the article?

5 Tennessee should bet on…

"Tennessee should bet on Tannehill for at least next season, because the franchise hasn't had a quarterback produce at Tannehill's 2019 level since Warren Moon was at his peak." Sounds like someone forgot about Steve McNair...

6 Oops!

OMG we did. I’m kind of embarrassed I let that through editing! McNair was I think 1 or 2 in DYAR in 2003. 

7 Stafford

The Lions drafting Tua would be a daring move, and not unreasonable (think Rodgers/Favre in 2005), but Stafford is not being traded. It would leave 30+ million of dead money on their cap.

8 Why is it you suspect Quinn…

In reply to by JoeyHarringtonsPiano

Why is it you suspect Quinn and Patricia aren't trying to sabotage the team?