ESPN: Daring Moves for All 32 NFL Teams

It's time for our annual "Bold Move" series for ESPN. We've got suggestions for moves for all 32 NFL teams, including new homes for Cam Newton and J.J. Watt. We did set a "no Deshaun Watson trades" rule so we didn't suggest that half the teams in the league just trade for Deshaun Watson! Click the link below for the article.

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1 Packers

Actually go somewhat all in on this year!

2 Meh

FO: Raiders bold move is to.....wait for it..... cut the backup QB and save $11m...

Raiders Fans: we know


4 Also

Letting Barrett go is dumb. Let Godwin go. Keep Barrett. He was still near top in QB pressures. Godwin’s productivity can be replaced more cheaply. Suh can be had cheap as well say 8mil.  Now. If Vea were FA then that WOULD force Bucs to make tough choices. 

8 I guess

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Spotrac has a market value of Suh at 1 yr, $6,848,511

9 Too obvious.

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You keep the guys on offense that Brady has chemistry with first.  That means AB stays.  Godwin is only a luxury at this point.  He's not a reliable go to guy for Brady as evidenced by the stretch run.  If he's not a primary receiver, he's just wasted resources at this point.  

Suh will come back cheap.  Ditto Gronker.  AB will be reasonable.

Bucs will retain everyone they want to retain and possibly a few quality upgrades who will take the Brady discount.  

It would be cool to see JJ Watt finish his career there.

7 what's the move for NYG?

don't have espn+ ... what's the move for my beloved ny giants?

(hibernate for 2 years isn't an option...)

10 Little giants.

Re-watch the Cardinals game and you'll see all your glaring needs.

O-Line retool.  Make or break year for Daniel Jones.  He's not good enough to have such poor pocket awareness and you saw how limited he is without his mobility.

Your defense is pretty good, but I feel it's being wasted by a poor offensive unit.

I don't see DJ as a long-term answer, but he could be useful if he isn't asked to carry the load.  Never thought I'd see the day that Giants fans yearned for the Eli era.  You don't know what you've got until you push a 2-time SB MVP out of town.

Daniel Jones would be doing well to be 3/4 of what Eli was in his prime.



12 Future is pretty bleak

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Would add Gettleman to that list. It’s not that he drafts terrible players, but consistently drafts them too high. The L Williams trade was another head scratcher

Playcalling in 2020 reminded me of Jeff Fisher’s old teams...smh

maybe I *should* hibernate for 2 years. DJ will be a backup elsewhere, Gettleman will be gone, Engram gone, and Giants will be looking for next HC...