ESPN: NFL's All-Value Team 2021

Tom Brady
Tom Brady
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

A new feature for ESPN+, looking at an all-22 team of the NFL's best value contracts -- no rookies included -- ranging from Tom Brady in Tampa Bay to Tyron Smith in Dallas and Xavier Rhodes in Indianapolis. Where have teams made wise investments on veterans who provide the most upside for the dollar?

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1 FO Subscription

Would subscribing to the pay FO give me access to stuff like this?  I refuse to give ESPN money.

3 FO+ subscription

When I click on view article from this site, I get sent to a page that says I need an ESPN+ sub. I am a FOplus subscriber.

4 For the time being, an FO+…

In reply to by doubledare1421

For the time being, an FO+ subscription does not include access to ESPN+ articles, nor does an ESPN+ subscription include access to FO+ articles. They are separate products. 

6 It always seems like the…

It always seems like the articles I really want to read on here, I have to pay for elsewhere, instead of them being included in the subscription I have here.  You send all of your best content to ESPN.

7 Well, except for the Almanac…

Well, except for the Almanac, none of our writing here is behind a paywall. Also, most of the time, the stuff we write for ESPN is ESPN's idea. So if ESPN had not come to us asking for an article on an All-Value team, the article probably never would have been written at all.

8 Update!

Brady is 1st/34 QB

Smith is 2nd/78 OT

Xavier Rhodes is 54th/112 CB