ESPN: Surprising NFC Stats

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

NFL Week 7 - This week's feature at ESPN+ looks at surprising stats for all 16 NFC teams. The most surprising? Aaron Rodgers has been the worst quarterback in the NFL this year under pressure. Plus, Tom Brady improves against the blitz, the Cowboys struggle in the red zone, the Panthers shut down passes to running backs, and more. Next week, we'll do the AFC.

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4 comments, Last at 15 Nov 2021, 11:19am

1 Who has ESPN+?

They have gained some viewership due to the Manning Monday night telecasts, but other than that they aren't profiting off of the platform.

One of the reasons ESPN/Disney has fired so may of their long-time staff anchors is due to budget cuts because they are losing viewership (for various reasons).

3 I haven't had it since they…

In reply to by DIVISION

I haven't had it since they dropped the magazine. I used to find coupons to get the mag for $5 a year and it included ESPN+. I gave the mags to a local clinic. That was worth it, but since then nope. Of course I don't blame them for dropping the mag and as you mentioned they have other issues with revenue. But yeah it's been years since I had it.

2 There is some good content

There looks like some good content on ESPN+—FO, Barnwell, some of their analysis.  Not enough to make me want to give them money.  They lost me when they canceled Grantland.

4 Get some out-of-market games

ESPN+ airs some SF Giants games that I wouldn't be able to see in San Diego. And it's got Barnwell (not that he produces much writing anymore.)