ESPN: Most Underrated Player for All 32 Teams

Patriots WR Kendrick Bourne and Steelers CB Levi Wallace
Patriots WR Kendrick Bourne and Steelers CB Levi Wallace
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

NFL Offseason - The FO staff went through and highlighted one underrated player from each of the 32 NFL teams. We've got quarterbacks who are better than you think (Tua Tagovailoa), cornerbacks with strong charting numbers (Levi Wallace and Eli Apple), the surprise No. 1 wide receiver in DVOA last year (Kendrick Bourne) and more. Click the link below for the full ESPN+ article.

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Really wish FO would work out an arrangement with ESPN that allowed those of us who are FO subscribers to access these articles without an ESPN+ subscription. 

2 But I think the whole point…

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But I think the whole point of ESPN paying FO for these is to get you to subscribe to ESPN+. I.e. these articles only exist to get you to pay.  

3 That is obviously the case…

That is obviously the case. They could probably do it, but it would reduce the amount they get from ESPN for the articles and I'm not sure it would increase FO subscriptions enough to matter so probably not worth it. 

5 Rotopass includes a year of…

Rotopass includes a year of ESPN+, along with access to five other websites. And that includes access to all ESPN+ content, not just FO articles or football.

Perhaps there could be a similar deal for FO/Edj suscribers to get access to ESPN+ with an added fee.

4 FWIW, most of the EPSN+…

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FWIW, most of the EPSN+ content, while fine, is not as good as the regular content here.