ESPN: Reasons for Titans Optimism

A.J. Brown, Tennessee Titans
A.J. Brown, Tennessee Titans
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NFL Divisional - Another article here on the Tennessee Titans as the worst No. 1 seed ever by DVOA, this time on ESPN+. I go a bit further into reasons why the Titans fans should be optimistic anyway and try to do more to isolate what the "real" Tennessee Titans would look like in our ratings.

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1 Ryan Tannehill

If it comes down to Tenn and KC, the last time they met in the playoffs Tannehill played a good game-2 TD's 0 INT's and a Rating of 108.1.    The problem was Mahomes played even better-3/0 and a Rating of 120.4

Ryan led his offense to 4 scores-3 TD's and 1 Field Goal but Mahomes led his offense to 5 TD's. 

2 Tennessee also beat Buffalo…

Tennessee also beat Buffalo and Kansas City when Henry, Brown and Jones were all on the field, and by DVOA those were their 2nd and 3rd best games of the season.

3 Vrabels my COTY

Most attention was on Henry missing 10 games but AJ Brown missed 4 and Julio missed 7. No pass catcher played all 17 games. That's tough. But it looks like they'll be healthier. 

4 He's mine, too

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Did they catch some breaks to get that top seed? Sure. Are they the best team in the conference? Almost certainly not. But they dealt with a lot of injuries, and full credit to Vrabel and the Titans for navigating those waters and coming out on top--oh, and for beating the Chiefs and Bills, too.