ESPN: Bold Moves for All 32 Teams

Ravens QB Lamar Jackson
Ravens QB Lamar Jackson
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NFL Offseason - New on ESPN+, the FO writers take on our annual suggestions of bold moves for all 32 teams. We include trades for Tee Higgins, Aaron Rodgers, and Lamar Jackson. Plus, our suggestions for moving up and down in the draft. Click link below.

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6 comments, Last at 13 Mar 2023, 6:35pm

#1 by ImNewAroundThe… // Mar 03, 2023 - 11:25am

Raiders can get Rodgers for 71 because that's what happened the last time a GB QB was traded.

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#2 by rh1no // Mar 03, 2023 - 11:36am

I can't stress how silly it is to suggest that the Bengals will or should trade Tee Higgins.

Aaron points to the Chiefs for comparison, noting that Kansas City won a Super Bowl after trading Tyreek Hill. But Tyreek was on the Chiefs for 6 years, and the Hill/Kelce duo was essential in bringing the Chiefs their first Super Bowl of the Mahomes era. 

The Bengals will drop Perine, Mixon, and Boyd unless they are willing to take team-friendly deals for below-market rates. They'll keep their mediocre offensive line intact while looking to add depth for cheap in the draft. They'll extend one or two defensive contributors while rotating through value-based reclamation projects like Trey Hendrickson and Eli Apple.

Burrow, Chase, and Higgins form the core of the team and represent the Bengals' best chances of finally bringing home the Lombardi trophy. The rest of the roster will shift to accommodate these three.

Higgins might be a trade target three years from now, but he's getting paid to stay in Cincy.

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#4 by occams_pointed… // Mar 04, 2023 - 8:31pm

Well at least we hope they'll drop some of the overpaid guys like Mixon and Boyd (and more importantly La'el Collins)... they honestly don't have a great track record in this area. 

Extending Reader and Henderson so they can lower the 2023 cap hit might also not be a bad idea as both are still playing at a high level... but working the cap isn't a thing the Bengals do.

It's basically asking the team to modernize a lot of their ways over a short time window so they can get a trophy out of landing Chase and Burrow.

For me the canary in the coal mine is actually Hakeem Adeniji. If he's still on the roster when the season starts you know they still haven't completely figured out what they are doing.

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#3 by Pat // Mar 03, 2023 - 2:12pm

I always love going through these articles and pretending everything happened. Then you get bizarre things like "the Packers traded for Ramsey and Evans and then traded away Aaron Rodgers!" and "Houston trades for the #1 pick, and then trades it to Indy, who then trades it to Carolina."

Using the same bold move for multiple teams is just cheating.

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#5 by bartleby // Mar 08, 2023 - 10:26am

Shouldn’t these articles be available with a FO+ subscription?  Do we really need to pay twice?

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#6 by ImNewAroundThe… // Mar 13, 2023 - 6:35pm

Debunked ones:

  • Chargers aren't cutting Kahlil Mack (restructured) 
  • Raiders almost certainly not trading for Rodgers after signing Jimmy G
  • Cowboys not letting Pollard walk by franchising him, haven't cut Elliott and might draft someone
  • Lions lose Bates to Falcons
  • Seahawks say Ge-YES to a 3 year deal

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