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ESPN: How Moss Fits In With Tennessee

This ESPN Insider feature looks into the Randy Moss acquisition by the Titans, comparing his numbers to Kenny Britt's while analyzing the Titans' effectiveness and propensity for throwing deep.

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ESPN AGS: Packers over Jets

In which we ask: What if Mark Sanchez hasn't really improved this season?

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ESPN: Where Should Moss Go?

OK, so Randy Moss wasn't a good fit for the Vikings. Where would he be a good fit? We break down the possibilities for each NFL team.

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Matt Schaub Could Be Big Against Colts

This week's MNF feature looks at other times that a running back runs for over 200 yards against a division rival -- and what has happened in the second meeting. Hint: It is good news for Matt Schaub fantasy owners.

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ESPN: Fantasy Matchups 2010, Week 8

Bench Drew Brees and start Jon Kitna? Really? Yes, really, plus more matchup advice.

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ESPN: Week 8 Numbers Crunching

This week's Numbers Crunching includes tidbits on Washington's excellent kickoff coverage, Terrance Knighton's strong sophomore season, and the absurd collapse of the Jets' third-down defense.

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ESPN: How Ole Miss Can Beat Auburn

In the latest F.O. piece on ESPN, Bill Connelly looks at which factors are usually key to top teams' downfalls, and how much it applies (or doesn't apply) to this week's Ole Miss-Auburn game. Will we see a fourth straight No. 1 team fall this week?

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ESPN AGS: Browns over Saints

Normally, Any Given Sunday looks at what we can learn from an upset about a team's weaknesses going forward. But sometimes, an upset is just an upset, and this was one of those weeks. Plus: Why Colt McCoy's early accuracy is nothing special.

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ESPN: Do Certain Coaches Cause Penalties?

Some people think a disciplinarian coach like Tom Coughlin helps a team to commit fewer penalties. Often, the same people think a laid-back coach like Wade Phillips leads to a less-disciplined team and more penalties. Are these things true?

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ESPN: Week 7 Numbers Crunching

This week in Numbers Crunching: Why Chicago should prepare for a rain of flags against Washington, a surprising stat on the Minnesota defense, and a look at fumble recovery (bad) luck in the NFC East.

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