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NY Times: Week 14 Matchups

This week's New York Times matchup column reveals why the Colts should take a dive against the Broncos, the way to get free ham in Buffalo, and the ultimate New York Jets safe offense.

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Breakdown: How the Saints Go Marching In

This week's interactive game preview for the Washington Post details how the Saints use creative route combinations and play action in any formation to stretch defenses to their limits.

NY Times: Week 13 Matchups

Here's this week's look at matchups from Mike Tanier.

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NY Times: Week 12 Matchups

Walkthrough is taking the week off for Thanksgiving, but you can enjoy Mike Tanier's New York Times previews of this week's games.

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The Breakdown: Dallas’s Deceptive Draw Play

This week's play digram preview for the Washington Post details the draw play the Cowboys successfully run, especially with Tashard Choice in the backfield.

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NY Times: Week 11 Matchups

This week in Mike Tanier's game previews: psychological analysis of Norv Turner, Rex Ryan, and Andy Reid, plus Jeff Tedford's Three Rules of Quarterback Robotics and how to avoid watching the Browns play the Lions.

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The Breakdown: Horse-Powered Offense

This week's Gameday play animation for the Washington Post details one variant of the Denver Broncos' "Wild Horses" formation. The play shown is based on Knowshon Moreno's 12-yard run against the Patriots in Week 5 -- the first time the Broncos broke out their own particular Wildcat.

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NY Times: Week 10 Matchups

This week's Mike Tanier preview looks at the rivalry that defines the decade and hands out rules for attending a Redskins game.

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NYT: Week 9 NFL Matchups

This week's New York Times NFL preview reveals the true and all-powerful nature of the 1972 Dolphins, wonders how much a Philly fan can hate, and speculates on which Cardinals team will show up this week.

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Breakdown: It All Starts With the End

This week's Gameday animation in the Washington Post details how the Falcons use Tony Gonzalez on inside routes to create favorable matchups for their deep and outside targets.