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Smarter Stats: The Curse of 370, Part 2

Tuesday's Washington Post piece on running back workload got quite a bit of commentary, so here are answers to reader questions and a few more thoughts on Clinton Portis' season.

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Smarter Stats: The Curse of 370

The subject of this week's Smarter Stats column for the Washington Post won't come as news to faithful FO readers, but with Clinton Portis on pace to enter Full Curse Territory and former victim Shaun Alexander now on the Redskins' roster, it's time to bring it up again. Will they never learn?

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Inside the Numbers: Seahawks at Buccaneers

Bit of a late upload on this one, due to technical difficulties. After finding six positive things to say about the Seahawks from the FO Premium Database, I tried to find a legitimate way in which Seattle could travel to Tampa and actually beat the Bucs. That would be a Farrar Fail, as every sign points to a slaughter. Ahoy!

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Five Downs With DMN: Week 7

This week's five questions with the Dallas Morning News are...

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Smarter Stats: The Value of Rushing Titles

This week's "Smarter Stats" column asks the question: Do NFL rushing champions rely on heavy doses of creampuff defenses? I went back through 10 years of rushing titles and applied basic success points based on opposing defensive DVOA. You might be surprised at the swing between the most and least difficult running back seasons, not to mention the names on both sides.

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Inside the Numbers: Packers at Seahawks

This week's Seahawks preview for the Seattle Times sets up some key matchups in a game that neither team can afford to lose.

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Dallas Morning News Week 6 Questions

This week's Five Downs with the Dallas Morning News answers...

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Why Scouts Need Stats

This week's "Smarter Stats" column for the Washington Post tries to bridge the gap between old school and new, and gives three reasons why those coaches who dismiss "stats guys" out of hand are missing the boat. Also: What Chris Chambers, Daryl Turner, and Weegie Thompson might have in common at season's end.

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DVOA Matchup: Redskins at Eagles

Here's the first Redskins game preview for the Washington Post. We'll be doing this every week through the season.

Inside the Numbers: Seahawks at Giants

This week's Seattle Times game preview details a Seahawks team getting its receivers back, and a Giants squad looking to follow the example of the Panthers by using a power running game to transcend the team-mandated suspension of its primary receiver.

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