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Week 8 Rundown

Here's this week's look at upcoming games from our man Mike Tanier. This week, Mike warns the world about the dangers of "bandwagon leg" and searches for New England's lost swagger.

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2005 Quick Reads: Week 7

Nothing helps a struggling quarterback like a game against the Green Bay secondary. Unless it's a game against the Minnesota secondary. Also in this week's Quick Reads: Tooth decay is bad, apologies for our Donald Driver projection, and I channel Britt Daniel.

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Week 7 Rundown

Here's our weekly rundown of upcoming games on The Giants want to show the world they're for real, the Broncos want to show Football Outsiders they're for real, and the Ravens and Bears just want to figure out if they can play a game with nothing but defensive touchdowns. Plus some thoughts on Steelers-Bengals, and Gordon Lightfoot sings "The Wreck of the Daunte Culpepper."

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The NFL's Most Overpaid Players

Okey doke, here's FO's take on the 10 most overpaid players. When I put this list together before the season, Mark Brunell and the Dolphins o-line were front and center, but for obvious reasons they didn't make the final cut. And I'm guessing if I'd waited a few more weeks, I would've probably had to include "Minnesota Vikings organization" as the new number one.

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2005 Quick Reads: Week 6

This week in Quick Reads, I've changed the format in response to some of your requests. I'm now once again listing every quarterback, plus the top five RBs and WRs. This week's ratings are topped by a couple of Bengals, while Tommy Maddox's rating will probably surprise you.

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Week 6 Rundown

Here's our weekly rundown of upcoming games on This week, find out why Joe Gibbs has already lost in Kansas City and why the Broncos seemed more like the Patriots last week than the Patriots did.

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2005 Quick Reads: Week 5

Back on with the latest edition of Quick Reads, featuring the best and worst individual performances of the week. The highlight of this week's column is the worst quarterback performance in the history of FO's advanced metrics.

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Week 5 Rundown

Here's this week's rundown of upcoming games on, courtesy of FO's own Mike Tanier. This week, learn the hidden indicator that could mean a big game from Kyle Orton and find out what CD is currently playing in the car stereo of the Bengals bandwagon.

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2005 Quick Reads: Week 4

Look, kids, it's the second week of Football Outsiders material at Here's my list of the top five and bottom five players at each position by DPAR. Today, I determine the better Manning and spread the gospel of Bobby Engram.

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Week 4 Rundown

Here's the latest rundown of the upcoming weekend's games from Mike Tanier, one of our new exclusive articles. Find out the secret ingredient behind Minnesota's first victory and marvel at the second Superman reference FO has made on FOX this week.

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