Four Downs

Offseason analysis of the NFL, division by division

Four Downs

Four Downs: AFC North

Baltimore works on the offense, Cincinnati works on the defense, and Cleveland works on everything. Plus, Pittsburgh loses some veteran free agents. (In other news, Michael Jackson is wacky and water is wet.) Ryan Wilson looks at an active offseason in the AFC North in the latest edition of Four Downs.

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Four Downs: NFC North

The Bears look talented, Matt Millen looks competent, the Vikings look like a rising defense, and the Packers look down on their luck. Is this bizarro world? No, just some surprising happenings as we take a look at the NFC North.

Four Downs: NFC West

The Cardinals are early winners in free agency, the Niners signed an anchor for the offensive line, the Rams have taken steps to upgrade the defense, and the Seahawks are just trying to hang on to what they have. Mike Tanier takes us out to the NFC West, where the contenders are trying to make the modest improvements that could lead to a division title.

Four Downs: AFC East

The home of the Super Bowl champions is the final division to get the Four Downs treatment. Aaron Schatz revisits the Coles-Moss trade from a DVOA perspective, gives his thoughts on the Troy Brown release, and wonders why Miami has six good starting defensive linemen and no good starting offensive linemen. Plus, did Jonas Jennings make Willis McGahee, or vice versa?

Four Downs: NFC East

The NFC East has been very active early on in free agency. Dallas already has new starters at quarterback, defensive tackle and cornerback. The Giants have a new face in the middle of their defense. Washington made a huge upgrade in the middle of their offensive line but will that be enough to offset their losses on defense? With all of this turmoil in their division, why has Philadelphia been so quiet in the first 24 hours of free agency? Al Bogdan takes a trip through the land of 6-10 in the latest edition of Four Downs.

Four Downs: AFC South

Indianapolis hopes its defense can finally mature. Houston hopes its whole team can finally mature. Tennessee, well, their salary cap is a little bit too mature. Plus, which ex-AFC South player may be the most underrated player on the free agent market, and who was the slowest starter among the wide receivers of the 2004 draft? Ned Macey takes a look at the AFC South in the latest edition of Four Downs.

Four Downs: AFC West

Journey out west to the division that defense forgot. Oakland adds one of the game's best receivers but will he bring Geritol for the defensive line? Is Arrowhead Stadium now the Coors Field of the NFL, scaring off defensive free agents? Plus, Denver joins the march to the 3-4, and finally, the People's Champion has come back... to San Diego?!?! Mike Tanier whips through the AFC West in the latest edition of Four Downs.

Four Downs: NFC South

For three straight years, the NFC South has sent a different team to the conference finals or beyond. New Orleans in 2005! (OK, maybe not.) Will Atlanta finally get Michael Vick a top wideout for next year? Will Tampa sign a host of mediocre veteran free agents again? Can Carolina build on its 6-2 second half? Russell Levine opens all the Doors on the NFC South in the latest edition of Four Downs.

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Four Downs: AFC North

Baltimore replaces its offensive coordinator, Cincinnati replaces its defensive coordinator, and Cleveland tosses everyone over the side of the boat. Plus, who's your daddy: Plaxico Burress, or T.J. Whosyourdaddy? (I'm sorry, the mention of those two names just made Baltimore fans slobber on themselves. Don't even say "Randy Moss" around them.) Ryan Wilson has a trip through America's industrial heartland in the latest edition of Four Downs.

Four Downs: NFC North

The NFC North's most popular player might retire. The NFC North's most controversial (and most talented) player might get traded. Every team in the NFC North has replaced a coordinator. Lots of fun speculation ahead in the second edition of our new feature, Four Downs.