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Super Wild-Card Weekend Preview

Josh Reynolds
Photo: USA Today Sports Images

Football Outsiders and our partners at EdjSports have put together this video preview of wild-card weekend, previewing all six games with advanced stats and coaching breakdowns.




1 comment, Last at 09 Jan 2021, 9:10am

1 Tooting for the Cilts bht do…

Tooting for the Cilts bht do think Bills would win. In rams vs seahawks we have tough on e to pick. Could see Rams winning i t  for sure. Last game of todat is Vucs vs Squirrels. Will relish watching Washington defensuce line attaxk Soft Balls Bardy. Will see if 2020 1st-Team Raiderjoe All-NFL performer A. Marpet can get job done. If he has bad game, brady may have rough game.