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NFC Wild Card Preview

St. Louis may be the worst team to ever make the postseason. Seattle has crumbled since the Rams shocked them in Week 5. Minnesota can't play on grass. Green Bay can't stop opposing quarterbacks. Welcome to the wonderfully mediocre world of the NFC playoffs. With help from Michael David Smith's tape analysis and our Football Outsiders statistics, Aaron previews the NFC wild card contests. Plus, a special bonus, a new cartoon. Warning: Mikes Under Pressure!

Indecision 2004: Race from the NFC Playoffs

Disappointing lawyers from Denver to Buffalo, the U.S. Supreme Court yesterday ordered that the NFL must indeed allow six NFC teams in the playoffs. So if we're going to be stuck with these teams, we might as well figure out which ones are going to sneak in. Aaron tries to figure out which team will wake up tomorrow morning to find a shiny new NFC North division title in its stocking, and also previews Sunday games involving the four NFC South squads.

Prime Time Lights Shine on Playoff Contenders

When they schedule the Saturday and Sunday night games before the season starts, nobody knows if the teams involved will be battling for playoff position come Week 15. But this year, serendipity shined upon ESPN. Aaron has previews of the two important prime time games this weekend: Carolina vs. Atlanta and Indianapolis vs. Baltimore. I hear something big might happen in that second one.

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NFC Teams Seek to Emerge from Mediocrity

Three game previews from Friday's edition of the New York Sun, including Rams-Panthers, Bucs-Chargers, and Jaguars-Bears. Plus, as an added bonus, Tuesday's Sun column on this year's dramatic number of teams that have gone from 1-4 (or worse) to playoff contention.

Game Previews: DEN-SD and GB-PHI

In Philadelphia, the Packers and Eagles each match their greatest strength against their opponent's greatest weakness. It's America's chance to decide: Who are we more tired of hearing about, Terrell Owens or Brett Favre? And when Denver and San Diego play for the AFC West title, all eyes will be on the tight end. But will it be the right tight end? Two big games analyzed Football Outsiders-style in this article from Friday's New York Sun.

NFC Contenders Look to Clarify Playoff Picture

We know the Eagles and Falcons are in, but who else in the NFC will stand up and claim a playoff spot? In this article from Friday's edition of the New York Sun, Aaron looks at what the Giants, Seahawks, and Vikings have to do in order to take another step towards the postseason this Sunday.

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AFC-NFC Clashes Match Opposing Strengths

This week, two games analyzed FO-style in an article from Friday's New York Sun. Week 8 brings us two major matchups of a top AFC team against a top NFC team, where the strength of one team balances the strength of the other: The Baltimore defense against the Philadelphia offense, and the Denver running game against the Atlanta front seven. Plus, extra bonus insight from two Football Outsiders readers, one a Falcons fan and one a Broncos backer.

Game Preview: NYJ-NE / KC-SD Switch Special Teams

Two articles for the price of none. First, this week brings us the first meeting of two undefeated teams with at least five wins apiece since 1973 and hardly anybody in either Boston or New York has paid attention. Aaron tells you what to look for in this game using our innovative Football Outsiders metrics. Second, a year ago everyone was talking about Dante Hall. Now the numbers say Kansas City has the worst special teams unit in the league. Why special teams have contributed to the fall of the Chiefs and the rise of their division rivals in San Diego. Both articles originally appeared in the New York Sun.

Super Bowl XXXVIII Preview

All the Football Outsiders stats you need to know what to look for in the big game. Numbers from both the regular season and the playoffs. More commentary than ever before. More in-depth analysis of Carolina's recent improvements, and how New England can counter those improvements. A look at New England's recent success in a place you won't expect. Plus, a special Super Bowl extra: Keys to beating each offense from Jim Schwartz, defensive coordinator of the Tennessee Titans.

NFC Championship Preview

All our numbers broken down for the Eagles and Panthers, with commentary for the math-o-phobic. Where did Stephen Davis play better than DeShaun Foster this year, and where did Foster have the edge? What Panther strength matches the Eagles' biggest offensive weakness? Which Eagle on offense has gone from league-worst to star performer over the past four weeks? Will Carolina make me feel like an idiot yet again?