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03 Nov 2011, 06:18pm by Brian Fremeau

SDA: Game of the ...

The SDA crew wonders if there are any big games happening this week. There's a nice Texas A&M-Oklahoma match, and a showdown between Oklahoma St. and Kansas St., what else are we missing...

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27 Oct 2011, 06:50pm by Brian Fremeau

SDA: Rebound Saturday

This week: Wisconsin and Oklahoma try to get back on track, some national title contenders face road landmines, and Georgia and Florida get together for cocktails.

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20 Oct 2011, 06:53pm by Brian Fremeau

SDA: Is It Upset Saturday Yet?

While the NFL has been the picture of parity so far, NCAA football has been much more slanted towards the top teams this year. Is this the week one of them falls?

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13 Oct 2011, 04:53pm by Brian Fremeau

Seventh Day Adventure: Flawless

It's the last week before the initial BCS Standings come out, and SDA looks at a couple of Big 10 teams that could improve their initial lot in the rankings.

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06 Oct 2011, 06:04pm by Brian Fremeau

Seventh Day Adventure: Spoiled

After a few weeks of juggernaut matchups, the SDA crew will have to settle for the Red River Rivalry and a few other Top 25 games with huge point spreads this week.

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29 Sep 2011, 05:00pm by Brian Fremeau

SDA: For Real

(Potential) Sequel Saturday kicks off this weekend as the SDA crew looks at Nebraska-Wisconsin, Clemson-Virginia Tech, and Alabama-Florida, among others.

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22 Sep 2011, 05:08pm by Brian Fremeau

SDA: Afternoon Delight

Do Dana Holgorsen's Mountaineers have a chance against LSU? Who will emerge from Arkansas-Alabama matchup with the inside track to the SEC West title? That and more as the SDA crew looks at this week's top matchups.

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15 Sep 2011, 05:01pm by Brian Fremeau

SDA: One Year Later

Memorable games from 2010 are revisited this week as the SDA crew prepares you for a weekend of revenge.

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08 Sep 2011, 04:11pm by Brian Fremeau

SDA: Redemption Week

Our college crew takes their best crack at this week's games. Who can bounce back from subpar first week showings? Who will receive the dreaded Edelstein Lock whammy this time?

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01 Sep 2011, 06:24pm by Bill Connelly

SDA: The Season Is Here, Thank God

The long, frustrating offseason is over, and it's time for college football! Let the SDA crew walk you through the weekend's big games.

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