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26 Oct 2017, 02:14pm by Ian Boyd

Seventh Day Adventure: Week 9

We might see the biggest game of the year this week, as J.K. Dobbins and Ohio State take on the Penn State Nittany Lions in Columbus.

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25 Oct 2017, 04:55pm by Brian Fremeau

FEI Week 8 Ratings

TCU blasted Kansas 43-0 on Saturday -- so why did they drop three spots in the ratings this week?

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25 Oct 2017, 02:05pm by Bryan Knowles and Andrew Potter

Scramble: Look What You Made Us Do

Your Scramble team is Deeply Dippy about the Chargers powder blues, and other shirts too sexy for our bodies. We put NFL uniforms through their turn on the catwalk, testing each against its Reputation.

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24 Oct 2017, 06:52pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 7 DVOA Ratings

Pittsburgh moves on top of our DVOA ratings after Week 7. Surprise teams including the Rams and Jaguars have very strong odds to join the Steelers in the playoffs. On the other end are the Awful Eight, far behind the rest of the league, including one of the worst 4-2 teams ever.

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24 Oct 2017, 03:41pm by Scott Kacsmar

Clutch Encounters: Week 7

Miami pulls off the biggest fourth-quarter comeback of 2017. What is Adam Gase's secret? Also: a unique win for Buffalo, Cleveland's first near-win, and shades of the Fail Mary in New York.

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24 Oct 2017, 11:05am by Rivers McCown

Any Given Sunday: Bears Over Panthers

On a day with only one upset, we are forced to praise John Fox. Or something like that.

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23 Oct 2017, 08:47pm by Vincent Verhei

Week 7 Quick Reads

They both won games this week, but while Ben Roethlisberger started hot against Cincinnati, it was a constant battle for Philip Rivers against Denver. Is that random noise, or do some quarterbacks really tend to play streakier than others?

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23 Oct 2017, 02:38am by Andrew Potter

Audibles at the Line: Week 7

Three shutouts in one day, and the worst defense in the league nearly makes it four. Tennessee survives overtime against Cleveland. Chicago completes four passes and wins. Not much was clear on this very weird day in a very weird season.

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20 Oct 2017, 04:59pm by Cale Clinton

The Week In Quotes: October 20, 2017

This week: TV announcers stay classy and go full Ron Burgundy; Ryan Kerrigan goes full Steve Austin; Bill Belichick waxes philosophical; and the fattest damn running back we've ever seen.

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20 Oct 2017, 12:11pm by Ben Muth

Word of Muth: Gloom in Green Bay

While Aaron Rodgers' injury has gotten most of the headlines, Ben Muth finds that maladies on the offensive line might have ruined Green Bay's season no matter who was at quarterback.

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