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20 Jan 2010, 08:17pm by Mike Kurtz and Tom Gower

Scramble for the Ball: Warm Fuzzies

Thanks to Sidney Rice, Mike isn't quite as done as we thought. That said, it sure doesn't look good. Fortunately, we have miraculous multi-ethnic furniture to save him.

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20 Jan 2010, 11:45am by Doug Farrar

Cover-3: AFC Championship

The Colts come into the AFC Championship showing some brand-new looks and formations. A-gap blitzes? Boot action? As Vince Lombardi once said, "What the hell's going on out there?"

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19 Jan 2010, 12:29pm by Bill Barnwell

Divisional Round Quick Reads

This week: Sidney Rice dominates the Cowboys, Drew Brees and Reggie Bush have big days against Arizona, and Shonn Greene delivers the DeShaun Foster Special.

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19 Jan 2010, 11:13am by Rory Hickey

The Week in Quotes: January 19, 2010

This week: The Vikings apologize, Brian Schottenheimer gives dad an early Father's Day gift, and Roy Williams complains about targets. Wait, is Roy Williams still in the league?

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18 Jan 2010, 01:52pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 19 DVOA Ratings

Who dat gonna beat dem Saints? A dominating victory over the Cardinals puts New Orleans in the driver's seat for Super Bowl XLIV, according to the Football Outsiders DVOA ratings.

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17 Jan 2010, 11:20pm by Bill Barnwell

Audibles at the Line: Divisional Round

Stop the announcers before they talk again! Help populate the Saints Wall Of Fame! And rue the absence of ... Flozell Adams? Audibles is a mix of tricks, old and new.

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15 Jan 2010, 05:43pm by Aaron Schatz

NFC Divisional Round Preview

Brett Favre and Kurt Warner get a chance to add to their historic legacies. Tony Romo and Drew Brees are trying to build theirs. Yet the most important players this weekend could be Beanie Wells and Visanthe Shiancoe.

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15 Jan 2010, 12:25pm by Bill Barnwell

AFC Divisional Round Preview

How can Vincent Jackson get off of Revis Island? Who's ready to join Roc Alexander on the Wall of Shame? And what was the worst pass of Joe Flacco's professional career? The answers await in our AFC playoff preview.

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14 Jan 2010, 03:18pm by Will Carroll

Black and Blue Report: January 14, 2010

Will Carroll triumphantly returns with a look at the remaining playoff teams, and how their injuries affect the road to the Super Bowl.

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14 Jan 2010, 01:31pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: Tradition and Tackiness

A title recap, a history lesson, and a peek into 2010. It's all here in the final Varsity Numbers of the 2009 season.

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