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11 Nov 2009, 11:29am by Brian Fremeau

Week 10 FEI Ratings

Iowa crashed hard last weekend, ending its outside bid for a BCS title run. Brian Fremeau examines the frequency of upsets and finds the Hawkeyes at the top of an unfavorable list.

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10 Nov 2009, 02:39pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 9 DVOA Ratings

Dallas climbs into the top five, while the Patriots begin to widen their lead in weighted DVOA. Win-loss records are scrambled at the top of our ratings, but the 1-7 teams settle nicely to the bottom.

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10 Nov 2009, 12:23pm by Bill Barnwell

Week 9 Quick Reads

Kurt Warner, David Garrard, and Frank Gore lead the way with big games in Week 9, while Ryan Moats teaches the lesson that you don't judge players based on one game.

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10 Nov 2009, 10:13am by Rory Hickey

This Week in Quotes: November 10, 2009

This week: Joey Porter shoots his mouth off again, Rodney Harrison calls a player dirty ... again ... and John Riggins lambastes Dan Snyder. Again. At least they're consistent!

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09 Nov 2009, 01:18am by Vincent Verhei

Audibles at the Line: Week 9

Should the Chargers give up on LaDainian Tomlinson? Should the Redskins give up on Jason Campbell? Should the Dolphins give up on the Wildcat? Should advertisers just give up? All this and more in Audibles.

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06 Nov 2009, 12:25pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: Beatings and Moonbeams

This week's Varsity Numbers features a heavy course load, including Mickey Andrews' retirement, historical rankings, and a couple of book endorsements.

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06 Nov 2009, 10:00am by J.I. Halsell

Under the Cap: Top Ten Guards and Centers

J.I. Halsell finishes up the offense in his "Top Ten Contracts" series with guards and centers.

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05 Nov 2009, 04:43pm by Bill Connelly

SDA: Rivalries and Retirements

It's an action-packed first Saturday in November. Old rivals like Navy and Notre Dame battle, while Saban Bowl III rages in Tuscaloosa.

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05 Nov 2009, 11:00am by Will Carroll

Black and Blue Report: November 5, 2009

Will Carroll explains Ryan Clark's sickle-cell problems, says "I told you so" to the Cardinals, and cringes at last week's hit on Jake Delhomme in this week's Black & Blue Report.

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05 Nov 2009, 09:42am by Mike Tanier

Walkthrough: It's a Good Life

Mike Tanier celebrates the 50th anniversary of the debut of The Twilight Zone with a fresh take on a classic episode. Plus, extreme stats from the first half of the season.

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