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09 Sep 2009, 06:14pm by Aaron Schatz

2009 Preseason DVOA Projections

On the eve of the 2009 season, Football Outsiders presents our official DVOA projections. The NFC is tightly packed, while the AFC looks like a conference of haves and have nots, and the team that has the most right now is San Diego.

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09 Sep 2009, 01:04pm by Brian Fremeau

Week 1 FEI Ratings

Brian Fremeau congratulates the not-so-meek, and projects undefeated season probabilities for BCS and non-BCS contenders. Also, can Ohio State take advantage of field position against the Trojans?

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09 Sep 2009, 10:32am by Doug Farrar

Cover-3: Fringe Benefits

This week, Cover-3 looks at three second-day draft picks who impressed in their first preseason: Mike Goodson, Jared Cook, and Nick Reed.

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08 Sep 2009, 04:36pm by Rory Hickey

This Week in Quotes: September 8, 2009

Carson Palmer and Shawne Merriman dabble in dramatic foreshadowing, while T.O. reminds all of us that he is God's personal receiver. Plus, Adam Jones reminds us all that he still exists.

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04 Sep 2009, 04:35pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers Talks Turnovers

We know that turnover margins can swing like a pendulum from one year to another, but what if we apply an actual point value to year-to-year swings in turnover costliness? Bill Connelly investigates.

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04 Sep 2009, 11:59am by Mike Kurtz and Tom Gower

Scramble for the Ball: Change Partners Again

9,300 words. 16 pages. 4 divisions. 2 (new) frazzled writers. Mike Kurtz and Tom Gower take over with the NFC half of the annual Scramble Over/Under series and a look at the first-ever FO staff fantasy draft.

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04 Sep 2009, 06:04am by Will Carroll

Black & Blue Report: September 4, 2009

Quarterbacks take the spotlight this time around, as injury expert Will Carroll looks at Carson Palmer, Tom Brady, and Matt Cassel, plus running backs in Denver and New Orleans and a late update on MJD's Thursday night injury.

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03 Sep 2009, 04:40pm by The Outsiders

7th Day Adventure: A Collaborative Effort

It takes three men to fill Russell Levine's shoes, but Rob Weintraub, Brian Fremeau and Bill Connelly give it the ol' college try. Up first: The Men of Infinite Uniforms visit the Smurf Turf.

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03 Sep 2009, 10:35am by Mike Tanier

Walkthrough: The Chicago Six

The Bears offense: It's not a punchline anymore. Mike Tanier diagrams the ways Jay Cutler and his five top targets will cause mismatches this season. Plus, a special announcement about this season's weekly game previews.

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02 Sep 2009, 01:00am by Doug Farrar

Cover-3: Heavy Lies the Crown

Cover-3 looks at three quarterbacks trying to rebound from disappointing seasons: Matt Leinart, David Garrard, and Jason Campbell.

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