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02 Oct 2008, 09:15pm by Bill Connelly

Varsity Numbers: Leverage, Leverage, Leverage

No matter where we go with new or old statistics, at some point we should try to tie them to what's most important: wins. In his latest Varsity Numbers column, Bill Connelly does just that.

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02 Oct 2008, 02:12pm by Mike Tanier

Walkthrough: The Spread is Dead...

Fortunately, Mike's brain isn't on fire, so he can examine pass-happy teams that may have to simplify their schemes. Plus, who is Vincaris Youngleinson?

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01 Oct 2008, 09:11am by Doug Farrar

Cover-3: Redemption Song

This week's Cover-3 is all about second acts. Jason Campbell wants to prove that he's an elite quarterback, DeAngelo Hall wants to prove that he's worth crazy Al Davis money, and Albert Haynesworth wants to prove that there's a method to his madness. Two out of three ain't bad...

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01 Oct 2008, 05:42am by Vince Verhei and Ben Riley

Scramble for the Ball: On The Hot Seat

Sayonara, Scott. See ya later, Lane. With Linehan out in St. Louis and Kiffin out in Oakland, the Scramble crew places odds on the next coach who will need to update his resume. Plus a tie for KCW, Loser League update, and Jason Beattie reveals hidden footage of Al Davis' lair.

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01 Oct 2008, 01:54am by Brian Fremeau

FEI Week 5 Ratings

Is Virginia Tech really good or have they just played a good slate of opponents? Plus, Brian Fremeau discusses both the defensive and offensive advantages of pinning an opponent deep.

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30 Sep 2008, 04:15pm by Will Carroll

Black & Blue Report: September 30, 2008

Injury expert Will Carroll is back with updates on the conditions of Carson Palmer, LaDainian Tomlinson, Aaron Rodgers and others.

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29 Sep 2008, 04:32pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 4 DVOA Ratings

It's the NFC East's world, and we're all just living in it. The league's toughest division puts four teams in the top eight this week, including the second-best 2-2 team in DVOA history.

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29 Sep 2008, 07:42am by Russell Levine

Confessions of a Football Junkie: Poll Carnage

It's 2007 all over again as carnage reigns in college football, with three of the top four losing. Russell sorts through the wreckage, plus his updated BlogPoll ballot and the latest JLS Trophy.

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28 Sep 2008, 07:38pm by Doug Farrar

Audibles at the Line: Week 4

The FO staff explains how Washington beat Dallas despite poor game plans by both teams, tries to figure out whether Arizona's pass coverage was uglier than the Jets' throwback unis, and argues about Bruce Springsteen. Plus: What happened to Andre Johnson?

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26 Sep 2008, 02:50pm by Mark Zajack

The Week In Quotes: September 26, 2008

This Week In Quotes sees Herm and Larry Johnson serve as polar opposites. If only they could drink on the job.

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