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17 Sep 2008, 05:40am by Vince Verhei and Ben Riley

Scramble for the Ball: Behind Blue Eyes

You hear bats. You feel a draft. You smell a Bumpus. Are you in a cave? An ancient MS-DOS computer game? No, you're in the Seattle locker room, now devoid of recognizable wide receiver talent. We sort through the mess and try to figure out Who's Next.

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17 Sep 2008, 01:25am by Brian Fremeau

FEI Week 3 Ratings

Penn State and BYU storm into the FEI top ten and Ohio State plummets out of the top 25. Plus, Brian examines the tumultuous nature of early-season ratings and asks how FEI game predictions should be judged.

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16 Sep 2008, 07:28pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 2 DVOA Ratings

Giants fans, have you long awaited the day when Football Outsiders would give your team the proper respect? That day is here, as Big Blue tops the DVOA ratings after two weeks.

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16 Sep 2008, 01:57pm by Will Carroll

Black & Blue Report: September 16, 2008

Will Carroll has an update on some of the biggest injury stories in the NFL, including a former MVP and his bad toe.

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15 Sep 2008, 06:53am by Russell Levine

Confessions of a Football Junkie: O-[No!]-H-I-O

Ohio State's loss to USC had a familiar feel to it. Russell Levine looks at the pattern and what's next for both the Buckeyes and Trojans, plus the weekly Blogpoll ballot and JLS Award.

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14 Sep 2008, 07:53pm by Doug Farrar

Audibles at the Line: Week 2

Week 2 brought us controversial officiating and big comebacks in Seattle and Denver, Hall of Fame quarterbacks facing inexperienced counterparts in New York and Minnesota, and a complete dog of a Sunday night game.

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12 Sep 2008, 12:55pm by Mark Zajack

The Week In Quotes: September 12, 2008

New site, same old Herm.

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12 Sep 2008, 12:53pm by Benjy Rose

Welcome to FO 3.0

Wherein our intrepid Webmaster introduces the new site.

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12 Sep 2008, 11:28am by Mike Tanier

Panic! at the Walkthrough

Are you nervous? Palms sweaty? Ready to pound on that big red Panic Button? Don't do it. Mike Tanier offers sober analysis on the Patriots, Colts, Jaguars, and other teams. Plus, a quest for the worst starter in the NFL.

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11 Sep 2008, 11:19am by Russell Levine

SDA: This Week's Game of the Century

Orson Swindle of EDSBS joins Russell to discuss mullets, Dog the Bounty Hunter, and the huge USC-Ohio State game -- so big, it gets the first-ever FO college football Liveblog! Remember, this article also serves as the college open thread.

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