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19 Sep 2011, 02:55am by Rivers McCown

Audibles at the Line: Week 2

Cam Newton gets a look under a wider magnifying glass, Jim Harbaugh doesn't need your lousy near-red zone possessions, and the FO staffers bicker about roughing the passer rules. All this and Luke McCown in this week's Audibles.

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11 Sep 2011, 05:23pm by Rivers McCown

Audibles at the Line: Week 1

Ray Rice goes HAM, the Chargers continue to have problems on special teams, and Cam Newton ... plays well? What?

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09 Sep 2011, 10:59am by Aaron Schatz

Audibles Opening Night Special

The Saints and Packers played a game so eagerly anticipated, and so good, that we had a lot to say about it.

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07 Feb 2011, 09:42am by Bill Barnwell

Audibles at the Line: Super Bowl XLV

The Packers are champs. The Black Eyed Peas are chumps. Relive the final game for who-knows-how-long with our final Audibles of the season.

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24 Jan 2011, 12:05am by Bill Barnwell

Audibles: Conference Championships

Two very similar games send Pittsburgh and Green Bay to Super Bowl XLV, but only one features a fat guy dancing. Plus: Jay Cutler breaks the Chicago Code.

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17 Jan 2011, 11:09am by Bill Barnwell

Audibles at the Line: Divisional Round

A special guest joins the FO crew for a look at the Jets' huge win in New England and Pittsburgh's second-half comeback against Baltimore.

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10 Jan 2011, 12:27am by Bill Barnwell

Audibles at the Line: Wild Card Weekend

Did Michael Vick make the wrong throw? Why won't teams run up the middle on fourth-and-1? And how bad is Jim Caldwell?

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03 Jan 2011, 09:07am by Bill Barnwell

Audibles at the Line: Week 17

We finish the regular season with fake QB sneaks, all things R.Bartell, and discussion of Pomplamoose. Plus, can you "play to win?"

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27 Dec 2010, 11:17am by Bill Barnwell

Audibles at the Line: Week 16

This week: Singletary's Last Stand, fast vs. quick, a Christmas debate on two-point conversions, and the Kansas City Chiefs win the AFC West.

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20 Dec 2010, 11:57am by Bill Barnwell

Audibles at the Line: Week 15

A strange day in the NFL brought us Miracle at the Meadowlands II, Cleveland introducing the A-11 to pro football, and a fat man running 71 yards. Run, fat man, run!

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