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25 Jan 2018, 04:06pm by Aaron Schatz

This Is The XFL, Version 2.0

In this Sports Business Journal article, Vince McMahon suggests that he's more interested in a serious football league this time around, not the crazy half-wrestling/half-football hybrid he attempted with the original XFL. The plan is to spend two years putting it together instead of just one, starting play in the spring of 2020 with 8 teams and a 10-week season. McMahon is hoping for faster games and more simplified rules when it comes to stuff like "what is a catch." He's planning to sign players who just missed NFL rosters, not to compete with the NFL for players. "It’s an opportunity to really re-imagine football -- not reinvent it," he says.

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20 Jan 2018, 12:38am by Aaron Schatz

2018 Conference Championship Open Thread

Here's the open thread for pregame and live discussion of Sunday's two conference championship games: Jacksonville at New England (CBS, 3:05 pm EST) and Minnesota at Philadelphia (FOX, 6:40 pm EST).

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19 Jan 2018, 04:53pm by Aaron Schatz

AFC Championship Preview 2018

To stop Blake Bortles, the Patriots will have to stop throws in the short middle of the field. To stop Tom Brady, the Jaguars will have to get pressure with four even though Brady was among the best QBs in the league under pressure this season.

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18 Jan 2018, 05:06pm by Aaron Schatz

Off The Charts Podcast: January 18

This week's Off The Charts podcast is packed to the gills with stats to help preview the AFC and NFC Championship Games. Did you know how good the Jaguars are on play-action? Who's better against pressure: Tom Brady or Case Keenum? Are you curious which teams should run with zone-blocking and which with power? (Click for audio link.)

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18 Jan 2018, 02:28pm by Aaron Schatz

Eagles' Secret Weapon? An Analytics-Fueled Attack

There's a lot of talk about the Cleveland Browns and analytics, but as we keep saying around here, plenty of other NFL teams have been using analytics over the last few years. This Tim McManus article discusses the way the Eagles use analytics: Doug Pederson goes for it more often on fourth down, while Jim Schwartz quizzes his defensive players on the percentages so they're ready for any situation. Fun fact: the head of the Philadelphia analytics department was an FO intern for a few months, once upon a time.

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15 Jan 2018, 02:49pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 19 DVOA Ratings

Weighted DVOA ratings after the divisional round show that No. 1 New England and No. 2 Minnesota have been trending up while Philadelphia and Jacksonville have been trending down.

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13 Jan 2018, 06:21am by Aaron Schatz

2018 Divisional Discussion Thread

Here's the open thread for discussing all of this weekend's divisional-round action. On Saturday, we've got Atlanta at Philadelphia followed by Tennessee at New England. On Sunday, we start with Jacksonville at Pittsburgh, then New Orleans at Minnesota.

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11 Jan 2018, 10:41pm by Aaron Schatz

Off The Charts Podcast: January 11

Once again, this week's Off The Charts podcast previews the weekend's big NFL playoff games. Learn where the Titans are most vulnerable to the Patriots, explore why the Steelers win in the front seven both with talent and with scheme, and find out all the ways the Saints-Vikings matchup pits strength against strength. (Click for audio link.)

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10 Jan 2018, 12:51pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Historical Playoff Comps for 2017

Always fun to do, a look at historical teams since 1990 that are similar to the eight remaining playoff teams. The Patriots are themselves in 2011, the Eagles are the 1990 Giants, the Saints are the 1996 Broncos, and more.

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08 Jan 2018, 02:05pm by Aaron Schatz

Week 18 DVOA Ratings

Our first playoff DVOA ratings don't show much difference from the final regular-season ratings, with the Patriots and Saints leading in weighted DVOA and a surprisingly large gap between Philadelphia and Atlanta.

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