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12 Aug 2007, 11:35pm by Aaron Schatz

2 Arizona Starters Hurt vs. Raiders, May Miss Year

Everybody off the Arizona bandwagon! (Well, those of you who were still on the Arizona bandwagon after reading PFP 07.) Linebacker Chike Okeafor and right tackle Oliver Ross both tore muscles and probably are gone for the year. Ross was likely going to lose a job battle with first-round pick Levi Brown, but the Cardinals have now gone from very little offensive line depth to no offensive line depth. Okeafor's versatility was a big part of the Cardinals' decision to switch full-time to a 3-4 scheme, and now the Cardinals are depending on inexperienced Darryl Blackstock.

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10 Aug 2007, 05:00pm by Aaron Schatz

The 100 Greatest Quarterbacks of the Modern Era

This is quite impressive. A poster over on ArmchairGM ("Davis21wylie," real name unknown) has put together this extensive list of the greatest quarterbacks in modern NFL history with a method that sort of combines FO theories with some of the stuff that Sean Lahman was doing with the original version of PFP from five years ago. (Three or four of you might actually know of that book's existence.) The article is colossal, along the lines of my "best X seasons" articles in PFP instead of what you would expect from an Internet post.

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10 Aug 2007, 01:14pm by Aaron Schatz

Mr. Whatever It Takes

Jon Abbate, fullback? Hey, it worked for Oliver Hoyte. Hat tip to the gal (not guys) at AOL Fanhouse.

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10 Aug 2007, 11:44am by Aaron Schatz

A Disgrace

Normally, well-known blogger John Cole is ticked off about politics. Not today. Today, John Cole is ticked off about the new Pittsburgh Steelers mascot. Scroll up and you will see that he's right -- it does kinda look like "Wario." You know, I always thought Myron Cope was the Steelers' mascot. Double Yoi!

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09 Aug 2007, 10:26am by Aaron Schatz

A PFP 2007 Clarification

A clarification regarding the St. Louis chapter of Pro Football Prospectus 2007.

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07 Aug 2007, 08:01pm by Aaron Schatz

SITE NEWS: Look, Kids, FO's Annual Call for New Game Charters!

Time for our annual call for game charting volunteers. If you've read Pro Football Prospectus 2007, you know just how valuable this information is. The more charters we have, the quicker we can turn around the data and use it during the season -- and the fewer people who have to cover a full game instead of just one half. If you join the charting project, you'll get access to all the charting data once it is complete. You'll get to contribute your thoughts to our "Game Charters Speak" articles during the season, and your comments may end up in PFP 2008.

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06 Aug 2007, 01:40pm by Aaron Schatz

NFL Beat Writer Blogs

Great idea here, as a guy ironically named "Greg Editor" has put together a site with links and RSS for every blog kept by an NFL beat writer. It's a one-stop shop for local team news. We've fallen behind on keeping blog links updated on our Links Outside the Outsiders page, and this site does it better than we ever did.

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06 Aug 2007, 12:55pm by Aaron Schatz

MMQB: Tales from the Training Camp Trail

I have a sneaking suspicion that the glowing review of Pro Football Prospectus 2007 in today's MMQB may be responsible for this morning's server outage. With my suspicion comes an apology, of course... I swear, some day we will solve our server issues for good. Really. Thanks go to Peter King for his nice words about us.

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05 Aug 2007, 03:06pm by Aaron Schatz

Unveiling the Fantasy Football Hall of Fame

You know, we're just going to let the readers comment on this one for us.

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04 Aug 2007, 11:46pm by Aaron Schatz

PFP First Take Video

Heh. I should have realized that, in this day and age, somebody was going to put my ESPN appearance on YouTube. Apparently, the winner of this lottery is a Packers fan who misunderstood the word "longshot." On TV, there really isn't much time for deep insights from the book, but this is interesting for readers who are curious what I look like. Wow, my temples are getting gray. I'm like a stats-spouting rabbinic Reed Richards on this thing.

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