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20 Feb 2007, 04:14pm by Aaron Schatz

2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part II

For the fourth straight year, FO readers have made their choices in the Football Outsiders Awards. The second half of the awards features the best and worst commercials, writers, and television personalities, with an expanded look at what the readers think of the NFL's top broadcast teams.

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19 Feb 2007, 10:16pm by Aaron Schatz

Colts Franchise Freeney

No surprise here. Of all the free agents in Indianapolis, you pretty much knew Freeney was the one least likely to leave the team. His salary now goes from $6.2 million to $8.6 million, which doesn't seem like a huge increase -- except that the Colts are only about $5 million under the cap for next year and have some other free agents to deal with. Not that they mind. Dominic Rhodes and Cato June are a lot easier to replace than Dwight Freeney.

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19 Feb 2007, 07:17pm by Aaron Schatz

FO Housekeeping: 2000-2001 Adjusted Line Yards

This doesn't really belong in Extra Points, but I wasn't quite sure where else to stick it. The code to do adjusted line yards for years with fewer than 32 teams was fixed a while ago, but I didn't have time to actually run those seasons until today. As a result, for those interested, 2000 and 2001 line stats are finally on the site. Link goes to the absurdly strong 2000 defensive lines.

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19 Feb 2007, 05:16pm by Aaron Schatz

NCAA Considers Rule Rollback

Hey, remember those new NCAA rules that Russell Levine wrote lots of mean things about? Where after a change of possession, the clock re-started when the ball was set, not when the offense took its first snap -- which allowed teams to run out the clock without running any plays? Turns out that might be a one-year aberration.

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17 Feb 2007, 12:56am by Aaron Schatz

Samuel and Briggs Get Franchise Tags

Chicago put the franchise tag on Lance Briggs, New England on Asante Samuel. (The link goes to the Samuel article.) I think it's a good move for both teams, but do you want to know who really benefits from this move? Nate Clements. Let's talk about the law of supply and demand. Demand for a good cornerback who can play in man coverage: High. Supply of good cornerbacks who can play in man coverage: Nate Clements. You do the math. His agent sure has.

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13 Feb 2007, 03:15pm by Aaron Schatz

2006 Football Outsiders Awards Part I

For the fourth straight year, FO readers have made their choices in the Football Outsiders Awards. Here is the first half of the results, with the best and worst players and coaches of 2006.

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12 Feb 2007, 11:21pm by Aaron Schatz

Chargers Fire Schottenheimer

I have no actual story to link to, and I'm actually sort of supposed to be on vacation this week, but this is on the front page of ESPN.com and the San Diego Chargers website. Didn't they just decide not to fire him? Is the idea, "Well, we need new coordinators now, so let's just replace everyone?" Holy mackerel. (Late note: Now goes to NFL.com story.)

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09 Feb 2007, 05:20pm by Aaron Schatz

FOX Blog Wrap-Up, February 1-9, 2007

Here's a catch-all thread for discussion of this week's posts on the Football Outsiders FOX blog. This week: Why the Wade Phillips hire doesn't make sense, FO makes some book recommendations on football strategy, and what Michael Turner has in common with Seattle RB coach Stump Mitchell. No blog posts next week, I'm taking the week to recharge.

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07 Feb 2007, 12:48pm by Aaron Schatz

Books Disagree on Super Bowl Prop

OK, here's a fun one. When Hunter Smith botched the hold on the first Colts XP try in Super Bowl XLI, did this count as a failed extra point? Technically, a botched extra point snap is listed in the statistics as a failed two-point attempt because no actual kick takes place. It turns out this has major implications for any sports book which offered a prop bet such as "will there be a missed extra point" and "will there be a two-point attempt."

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07 Feb 2007, 01:39am by Aaron Schatz

Michael Turner Similarity Scores

What does Michael Turner's future hold? Aaron Schatz uses similarity scores to try to find out.

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