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15 Jan 2007, 05:53pm by Aaron Schatz

NFL Network to Rebroadcast Classic Super Bowls

Pretty cool here. The NFL owns the rights to all broadcasts of the Super Bowl, no matter which network does the broadcast. They're finally going to show these broadcasts in their entirety, rather than limited to 30-minute highlight films. For the most part they chose good, close games. You've already missed Super Bowl XL, but here's the remaining schedule. Be aware that most of these are getting broadcast a second time in late night, so check the TV listings.

Super Bowl XXXII, DEN-GB, today, 4pm EST
Super Bowl XXII, WAS-DEN, tonight, 9pm EST
Super Bowl XXXVI, STL-NE, Jan. 18, 8pm EST

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15 Jan 2007, 11:32am by Aaron Schatz

Why history points to a Bears-Patriots Super Bowl

Offense wins games, but defense wins championships. If that's the case, then the Saints and Colts are in trouble. (Click link to read more.)

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12 Jan 2007, 06:35pm by Aaron Schatz

FOX Blog Wrap-Up, January 6-12

Here's a catch-all thread for discussion of this week's posts on the Football Outsiders FOX blog. We looked at more game charting stats for defensive backs, how often teams blitzed in 2006, LaDainian Tomlinson's place on the "Greatest Fantasy Seasons Ever" list from PFP 2006, and what the ridiculous "Donovan McNabb to the Vikings" rumor says about the media.

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12 Jan 2007, 05:56pm by Aaron Schatz

2007 AFC Second Round Preview

According to FO stats, the top four teams in football all play in the AFC. Baltimore and Indianapolis present the ultimate matchup of strength against strength. In San Diego, the two most balanced teams in the league face off, but only one can move on. Our playoff previews are overflowing with chunky stat goodness, plus a Chargers graph in electric blue.

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12 Jan 2007, 01:20pm by Aaron Schatz

2007 NFC Second Round Preview

Welcome to the undercard! Philadelphia and New Orleans are two talented, evenly matched teams. Chicago and Seattle face off in the Battle of Who Can Implode Less. As always, FO playoff previews are filled with chunky stat goodness, and the Seattle week-to-week graph has that bright green that's so popular with the kids these days.

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12 Jan 2007, 12:11pm by Aaron Schatz

Tony Gonzalez Declares for Draft

I don't know much about Ohio State wide receiver Anthony Gonzalez. I just wanted to point out that next year we're going to have two Tony Gonzalezes and two Steve Smiths. This is going to be a pain in the ass. I thought two Alex Smiths were bad enough, but the two Steve Smiths play the same position. It hasn't been this bad since the Rams had Mike A. Jones and Mike D. Jones. Damn you, common names! Maybe we can get Steve Smith from USC to re-name himself "LeSteve Smith" or something.

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12 Jan 2007, 01:18am by Aaron Schatz

Playoff teams: Who blitzes?

Eight teams remain in the NFL playoffs. Want to know which of them are the most blitz happy? (Click link to read more.)

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10 Jan 2007, 10:18pm by Aaron Schatz

Tom Coughlin Gets Extension

Yeah, I don't get this at all. The Giants have faded late now for two straight years. Coughlin was hired to enforce discipline but the Giants are still one of the most penalized teams in the league. The franchise quarterback actually took a step backwards this season and the defense looked completely confused for the second half of the year. Look, there is no way for me to produce statistics that tell you that the players hate his guts, but that doesn't mean it isn't costing the Giants games. What is the argument for keeping this guy?

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10 Jan 2007, 04:31pm by Aaron Schatz

The Night College Football Went to Hell

In case you missed this last week, an enjoyable article about the 1987 Fiesta Bowl, one of the most important college football games ever played. Because #1 Miami and #2 Penn State were both independents, the second-class Fiesta Bowl could outbid all other bowl games to set up a national championship game. That got people thinking about having such a game each year, which eventually led to the BCS -- and it was because of this game that the Fiesta Bowl ended up in the big four, instead of a bowl with more history like the Cotton Bowl.

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10 Jan 2007, 01:33am by Aaron Schatz


Does Marty Schottenheimer blow fourth quarter leads like Brett Farve un-retires? A quarterly breakdown of scores might surprise you. (Click link to read more.)

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